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  1. Thank you! (I knew I did this on a previous release but I couldn't remember :D)
  2. @KonstaT: can you please update the Toggle2G plugin to v0.2.4? :)
  3. I love gadgets, hate urban pigeons :D and have a ZTE Blade atm.
  4. Thanks! I checked the apks and a lot of them aren't properly zipaligned. e.g. res/drawable-hdpi/app_icon.png (BAD - 1) is the first in AccountAndSyncSettings.apk. Can you please fix this in the next release? :) (I can do it for myself btw, not complaining!)
  5. Thank you, I think I'll update my old 2.3.4 then this weekend :) Which languages are included?
  6. Hi wbaw! I'm using the b13 and now I would like to use it with the UOT kitchen but this file isn't available anymore. Can you upload it again? Thanks! Or can I use the framework and systemUI from b21? EDIT: Yes, I can, without a problem ;)
  7. Hi flibblesan! Thank you for the great work in froyo roms, I would like to report some bugs or unusal things in r11b. I switched from r6fixed yesterday and I did a full wipe and clean install. I only updated the rom with the thincircle mod before installing it via clockworkmod. - wi-fi seems to drop more often after sleep as in r6, but it reconnects some time after wake up automatically (so far) - I have a lot of problems with the superuser, it doesn't respond almost all the time to root requests, is there a chance that the included su.bin is outdated or not compatible? (This was also the case with r6) - sometimes the widgets list freezes and cannot be scrolled O.o after restart it works again - I can't turn off/on autosync via Extended controls now, it worked in r6 Except from these the rom is as fine as the r6 was :D
  8. I'm not a programmer or any kind I just use it to prioritize the order of files and folders. If it's illegal than I'll take the prison for it :) Oh, wait: I can't, but could you ESCAPE it? ;D (Sorry, I'm just trying to help ;)
  9. I think I found a bug: when selecting 'Flash zip from sdcard' and pushing home on a folder beginning with '!' (e.g. !updates) it goes back to the prev. menu and doesn't list it
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