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  1. Perfect ICS ROM: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1492957 Its stable, fast and everything is working.
  2. U serious? Here's a picture of those to. http://2.bp.blogspot...00/DSCN4638.JPG
  3. I used this guide so no need for new. :P http://www.musicfort...blade-teardown/
  4. Hmmm im missing calendar and clock? I already installed ICS gapps so they should be in my app drawer? Im on CM9 alpha 5.
  5. Nope. Quality is almost the same as original ones, these are not so "soft". Switching these covers is not the easiest thing to do, and it requires patience not to break everything with too much force.. :D Switching the housing also avoids your warranty! No its not.
  6. Seems that I can't boot to clockwork mod anymore, I've updated it to the newest (or something?). Android logo just freezes in boot and back -button is red. My phone (ZTE Blade) is GEN2 and running Blue Ginger V5 atm. Is my clockwork mod for GEN3? :mellow: Edit: I reflashed it and it works. :)
  7. I skipped the google account part, so that was the problem. Thank u for everything.
  8. I installed RC4 but the problem is that I can't find Android Market...? I have Finnish Zte Blade (512MB, TFT). Edit: The answer is Google apps? :D
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