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  1. If this is possible, I can provide a Windows Server to do it. BTW, Which protocol is OTA update base on? HTTP? FTP? Or others?
  2. I think you should try to manually install this driver in your device manager. You can find win7 64bit driver in path: C:\Program Files\ZTE 3GPhone USB Driver\Drivers\64bit\WIN7
  3. When I check the dump rom of chinese blade, I found this driver in path /romdump/system/etc/pcsuite.iso The driver version is 5.2066.1.6B01, support Chinese and English. Download: http://www.fxdove.com/MyAndroid/ZTE_HS_Driver_Setup.exe Readme.txt =============================================== This packet contains the drivers of ADB, Diag, Modem, NMEA, Rndis and ADB tools. ADB is Android Debug Bridge. If you want to usb ADB, MAKE SURE Settings->Applications->Development->USB debugging is ENABLE on ZPhone. Following is the driver Path, choose the apropriate drivers according to Windows version. ZTE_HS_Driver_Setup_V5.2066.1.6-signed ----32bit ----VISTA for Windows Vista 32bit ----WIN7 for Windows 7 32bit ----WNET for Windows XP and Windows 2K 32bit ----64bit ----VISTA for Windows Vista 64bit ----WIN7 for Windows 7 64bit ----WNET for Windows XP and Windows 2K 32bit ----tools ----ADBinstall.bat double click it to run ADB install program ----ADBunistall.bat double click it to run ADB uninstall program
  4. Waiting so long time. At last, we get one ZTE-U V880 in the second day after starting to sell in China. (Buy it in on-line shop) We are trying to dump rom. Please be patient. :) ========2011.1.15 14:25 Status update========== dump it! but error Seb404, I need your help. ========2011.1.16 13:13 Status update========== Yes, Yes, Yes! We have got dump-ROM of chinese blade! Thanks for Seb404's help so much! ;) We use Seb404's ROM dumper 0.72b-alt to get it. Download: http://www.fxdove.com/MyAndroid/UNI_CN_V880_1.1_romdump.zip :D Mirror1: http://www.mediafire.com/?1oxz2ebwc7wtd1r Mirror2: http://bladeroms.atw.hu/UNI_CN_V880_1.1_romdump.zip Mirror3: http://upload.v-portal.hu/download.php?fil...2d6df5805cd192c Enjoy it! If someone download it, please help me to make a download mirror outside China
  5. Can you replace stock dialer with zte smart dialer in this rom?
  6. I have relsove this problem through da1000's help. :) I download ContactsProvider.apk and replace to /system/app. Wipe contact data. All is normal now.
  7. Thanks Very Much! By the way, do you know how to replace stock dialer with zte dialer? I think zte smart dialer is better and convenient.
  8. =================The problem has been fixed.==================================== I find a bug in FLB G2 R6 ROM. I have synchronous my contacts with gmail. When you call, you will find call panel don't show name and only show telephone number who you are calling to. The same problem is found when others call to you. So we won't know who we are calling, if you don't remeber this number. Others have the same problem? =================The problem has been fixed.==================================== Collect update advices about FLB G2 ROM to flibblesan, in order to let this rom better and better. :) 1. Fixed contacts. 2. Add zte smart dialer 3. Power widget add data connect switch. Please post your proposal. ;)
  9. I think FLB G2 R6 rom is very good. Fast and stable. But it is without smartdialer that is a weak point.
  10. I am using Flb g2 r6 rom. This rom is very good! But this rom use stock dialer but not zte dialer. I think it not very convenient. I try to replace & install zte SmartDialer.apk in FLB rom. But I am fail. How to install it after flash ROM or integrated it in ROM?
  11. I have the same problem to you. I perfer zte dialer. Stock dialer is not very convenient. How to replace stock dialer with zte smart dialer?
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