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  1. i have an ADATA class 6 16gb http://www.amazon.de/-Data-Turbo-AUSDH16GC...515&sr=8-11 works very well!
  2. yeah, you're right ... i only have the IMEI number on that screen. it won't show my IMSI.
  3. interestingly enough the IMEI in my phone starts with 353-16, which i cannot find anywhere on that list. very strange.
  4. hmm ... i'll try that. thx however i still don't understand why it works with the stock firmware even if i use a bob card (that is another provider, that operates on another network),
  5. no, because then i don't get mobile internet access in my native network
  6. yes, it is! thx for the info ... this hower means, that i have to be careful on the border to another coutry, because it can just as well log into a roaming network and since data roaming is allowed this can be pretty expensive!
  7. Hi all! I bought a ZTE blade in austria (hofer) with a yesss card. as soon as i install a custom ROM (i tried Finnish Fillyjonk RLS4 and Sebastian404's de-orangeated-rom - r7) i get the info, that i am "roaming" even though i am in my base network. (the little R in the top where the connection qualitiy is) i use a yess card and i am in the base network for it. the APN is also entered correctly. i didn't have this problem with my stock firmware.

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