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  1. the phone is stuck on the logo screen. did everything right (root, wipe Cache, install etc) what could possible went wrong?
  2. Was searching for some more solutions to the memory problem and find a guide to do a partition 2b on the SD card and link all the apps to there. Does someone use this method?
  3. thx :) That's what i did early today to install this ROM for the first time. Now that i have clockwork and ROM installed, i just have to follow the same instructions?
  4. Exactly. When you move apps to SD not also they become bigger (don't know why), as also some intern memory is used. That's why i was asking if it is possible to do another TPT since i have done already one. The TPT with 160mb system, 2mb cache, 279 mb data, 0.1mb oem seems like the best to me If someone could help me i would be very grateful
  5. Installed the Rom. So far so good, but i think i might just have done a mistake. When doing the TPT thing, i choose the one with 220mb system, 37.5 mb cache, 162.5 mb data and i think it will be to small, since i just have 70 +- mb free. What you guys have?
  6. Should i do the TPT with original recover or should i install the clockwork first and do it from there?
  7. many thanks :) Wich one i should install? Just one more thing. My ZTE Blade was bought with GEN 1, but i updated it to 2.2 (the official one), and Mr.Pig now says i have a GEN 2 phone. So, i can only install GEN 2 roms, right?
  8. Links to TPT are broken. Anywhere else where i can find it and learn how to do it? :)
  9. Hi It´s my first post fot first :( I buy a San Francisco here in my country (portugal) and i want to play with it, but first i want do do the recovery. I followed all the steps but i´m not sure if i did it right. i got up to the step where the screen stays with the andoid´s logo without any difficult, but the worts was then. How was i supposed load the image.img? I did it with daemon tools ;) (stupid i guess). So can you explain to me like I was a kid of 4 years old? All that I can say is what i did was. emuled the images, and run fastboot.windows. Then i turn off the phone and everything is like it was...Normal If someone could help me i will be very gratefull PS: Sorry for my english. My teachers sucks
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