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  1. bumping this up. orange is not offering replacement. neither it is ready to do paid repair. my friend is not able to find any replacement in UK around are where he stays. The display originally is oled. is there any way i can revive this phone? where can I get a replacement display? if not, then would it be possible to harvest a display from another broken phone? (will start looking for those then)
  2. It is clearly physical damage.. would orange honour replacement for this? :/ i stay in India and i would have to send the unit back to UK to a friend for this. Thus need to confirm before I spend on shipping. Alternatively, if replacing the display panel is easy and doable then I wouldn't mind DIY.
  3. A friend of mine has dropped his zte blade and the display got cracked.. I'm not talking about the touch screen module but the actual OLED Display. I opened the phone and the display seems to be glued to the motherboard. where can I find a replacement display? My options of purchase are from UK or india. I will try my luck ordering TFT display display from Dell in india who sells blade as XCD35. Any guides about how to pull the display apart and do the necessary replacement would be very much appreciated. :mellow:
  4. Dealextreme Minimal and effective!!
  5. LG Optimus ME P350 cant even compete with blade.
  6. thnx a ton pal.. lookin into it now :P
  7. getting stuck nevermind. deleted .repo and redid the step..
  8. http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...jack-converter/ you have got the layout correct. Would be easy to buid a converter but 4point male and female connectors are hard to get
  9. madnav

    4 pin jack converter

    i have been working on building this but im not able to find the 4pin male and female connectors in my place. for those who have accessibility. The connector layout is:- from tip to the base: For Standard Layout: Left Right Mic Ground what apple does is: Left Right Ground Mic Apple will not change positions of Left and Right channel at any cost since it would result innto other 3point connectors working improperly over apple devices.. I dont think apple would be that stupid The converter will work both ways.. That is, to use apple devices with Standard headsets and to use Apple compatible headsets with standard 4point audio jack devices.
  10. really good ideas in general there. i had given up and settled for the following
  11. i found png's but not psd's psd's with only layer for the Screen Labels would do fine if they are heavy :P also, i tried to setup application screen with that wooden shelf you have done. not able to align icons to appropriate places at all. i have tried with muticon, bettercut and desktop visualizer but no help.
  12. Tried making skype calls. I could hear the voice but directly through speakerphone without selecting speakerphone option. Then i selected speakerphone but it didn't change anything. 1stly i thought it would just be an issue with skype. But the problem is persistent over Nmbuzz and Fring. ROM: JapJelly rls9 There are total 6 zte blades in my friend circle including mine and the issue is persistent over all. one of them is over rls2, 2 of them are on rls5, and other 2 are on rls6. So im assuming this is not an issue specific to release im using.
  13. can you please upload the labels as layers so that we can try them with different wallpapers.. (or as labels without any background) alternatively only wallpapers without labels to use with Minimalistic Text Labels. thnx in advance :P
  14. madnav

    I want an app for...

    I want an app for waking up from sleep(talking about the phone) by pressing any hardware key. The power key on my friend's blade is kind of bust. PS: I have tried widget locker and it doesn't seem to work for any of the blades that me and my friends own. Myabe an issue with permissions.
  15. madnav

    Dual boot roms

    1. Closed System based on optimized win CE 2. Drivers

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