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  1. hiya, it seems like it was a problem on the PC end after all!!! thanks for the help. .. got it sorted :)
  2. Hi. I i've just updated to version 3.2.7 of Honey Ice and I cannot get cifs manager to work. Its keep saying failed. I believe it has something to do with the latest kernel version and I have no idea how to fix it with out some other people's help with building a new cifs.ko file for this kernel. Can you please help cass or Eduardo or anyone else who is uber at kernel knowledge. Thanks
  3. Hi Guys. I have been reading up on how to share files between my Vega and my PC and found that the Cifs.ko file + cifsmanager is probably the best way. So anyone know where i can get a "Cifs.ko" file for ADVENT Vega running Viewcomb 6.1 OR Vegacomb (Or Honey Ice) i have tried all 3 of these roms and currently prefer Viewcomb because it feels snappier and less sluggish. but i dont mind switching roms if i can get Cifs Working!!!! Any help please? Cheers
  4. updates please? i wanna know what happend.
  5. please delete, tripple posted due to lag
  6. i had the phoen for 1 day today and no reboot.. but i was not using setcpu and just kept default settings (clocked to 1ghz). its a shame really. i have tried playing with setcpu and ondemand settings, but whatever settings i choose. the phone eventually freezes. i may just remove setcpu and without that the rom is still very good, but not good enough to go to 1.6ghz..... (it will work at 1.6ghz if i keep it on performance setting.. but this causes the bataery to drain too much.... :(
  7. ive had about 4 crash reboots since installing this. its a shame, i see so much potential and theres a lot i liked. is 2.2 buggy in general? i've found the ginger leaks to work much better for some reason :(
  8. thats a shame... i really want a gingerbread overclock :( can i compile my own boot????
  9. yes PIN THIS!!!! its been sooooo useful to me in my android tweaking this is so important info, please pin it asap.
  10. Expansys screwed me :(! But thats how i came across metals. i had to pay £169.99 for mine and then they reduced it by £20 the same day it was delivered!!! no comebacks.
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