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  1. I just formatted the card because app2sd needs the ext2 and linux-swap partition. You can use ubuntu-live that works directly from CD/DVD and then use gparted (Sytem - Sytem... - Gparted) it is like using Windows. Or follow the "instructions" of GalacticUncle (Post #15 in this thread) Good Luck
  2. Maybe it is too late, but my Kingston 16 GB class 4 (SDC4/16GB) works perfect on my Orange SF with the Orange ROM. I've only removed the SIM-lock. I parted the card in 13 GB Fat32, 3 GB ext2, 32 MB linux-swap, and left the first 4 MB free as the card came to me. I've just moved some music to the card via USB no problem. I am using Ubuntu 10.10. Maybe you should try to format the card and try it again. ----- It is a TFT Orange SF

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