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  1. Other roms aren't compatible with the new amss.mbn & this rom isn't compatible with older amss.mbn versions Also, I already called it gen3, you're too late.
  2. Use clockworkmod if you're on gen1, the official version which you can install using rom manager.
  3. I had my rom thread closed, i got attacked by trolls & had forum admins telling lies about me because I said no to one person. Their problem was nothing to do with the rom, they didn't give any details to help me solve it & they hadn't taken any basic steps to try to fix it themselves. Nobody else here has to give that level of support, but it seems like I do. So rather than take the risk of it happening again I removed this post from modaco. It'll stay on xda, I've not had a problem there.
  4. With this particular story, he seems to be spot on. The FSF (and their lawyers) take the same position & they wrote the GPL. It's totally consistent with past cases involving GPLv2 software. You can always find lawyers that will take either side of any argument, that is why we have court cases & they still have a job. It's only safe to ignore it if you don't violate the GPL. https://www.fsf.org/news/android-termination-upgrade-gplv3 All it will take is one out of those 10,000 people & organisations that own copyright on the Linux kernel to decide they want to threaten Android oems for unlimited amounts of cash to let them stay in business. Apparently the Libra's camera drivers aren't in the .32 source code at all. They're in the .35 source, but it needs more than just a new config to make them work.
  5. The thing is, Paul hasn't given any support at all for this rom for well over 6 months, it was patchy before he started totally ignoring this thread. I answered every question asked to me about my rom in under 24hours, except one question that wasn't about my rom at all, his battery had fallen out. I was somehow supposed to guess. Because of that I get forum admins telling lies about how I wont support my rom, insulting me more & closing my threads. So they're nothing but hypocrites. I paid £30 for a year too, I've just had a few months before I was forced out.
  6. Hi Paul..I've been using your rom for 3 weeks.. and now i got a boot loop.I've wiped cache,data.. no effect. Can you help?
  7. The camera driver is there, it just isn't set up correctly so it doesn't work. There is another new camera sensor in the v880 too & that driver doesn't work either. I can't test anything because I don't have a Libra. I am talking about in the .35 kernel source here, which is for the skate & not (officially) the blade, but i doubt the drivers in the old .32 kernel source will work either.
  8. Unfortunately nuking from orbit is the only option allowed to protect Linux under the GPLv2. It wouldn't be an issue, except there are 10,000 Linux kernel copyright holders, GPLv2 was never written to be used on such a popular project. The nuke from orbit / legal extortion racket option is sure to be tested soon anyway, we don't need to do anything, it only needs 1 of those 10,000 to decide they want to milk Android manufacturers for as much money as possible. If they violate any part of the GPLv2 on the Linux kernel in any way, ever, they lose all rights to redistribute the Linux kernel or anything that uses it (Android devices, plus a lot of other embedded hardware) until they can get all the Linux copyright holders to agree to allow them to start redistributing it again. It is thought to be impossible to even contact all the Linux kernel copyright holders, so effectively they can't redistribute Linux again. Busybox would be a milder option to encourage Android manufacturers to respect the GPL. That's also being infringed by ZTE with their Android devices & it only has a few developers. Looks like this is my last post, Paul has made it clear that I'm no longer welcome here.
  9. EFF & FSF have nothing to do with it. They can't really do anything. Only copyright holders (or authorised reps) can sue for copyright infringement. The FSF only hold the copyrights on the GNU tools (which aren't being infringed as far as I know), not the Linux kernel. EFF have a horrific past record of losing court cases & making things worse, getting their backing is like the kiss of death. The only people that could sue would be any of the (estimated) 10,000 people & organisations that have some copyright on the Linux kernel. http://gpl-violations.org/ is run by a Linux kernel copyright holder & he seems enthusiastic about enforcing his copyright, but lacks resources to sue everyone. The problem is that if that happens, there is no way back for ZTE, it's just nuking them from orbit. Coming into compliance with the source code release section of the GPL & releasing the source code wouldn't actually be allowed due to Section 4 of the GPL, they would have to get all 10,000+ copyright holders to agree to let them distribute Linux again. So if it ever goes to court then ZTE wouldn't be allowed to do anything with Linux ever again. That also leaves the door open for any Linux copyright holder to demand whatever they want in an out of court settlement. http://fosspatents.blogspot.com/2011/08/most-android-vendors-lost-their-linux.html As for Huawei, they aren't any better about releasing source code. Samsung seem to be the best for releasing code & supporting the development community, but other large manufacturers are catching up.
  10. Android is Apache licensed, therefore this kind of thing is 100% acceptable & it's absolutely no different to sam's post that you complained about. The kernel is GPL & he posted the source for that.
  11. It isn't any more than giving the source code to somebody with the GPL (or other open source license of your choice) attached. If you put it on github then that makes it easy for others to contribute to it.
  12. Harsh, but fair. The ads & lack of source code are holding it back. Remove the ads & GPL it, then we can add the features that have been asked for. Otherwise somebody is going to have to repeat your work to make a proper version & all your hard work is a total waste of time.
  13. The oem partition is used by gen2 stock roms to automatically mount a windows driver cd iso (/system/etc/pcsuite.iso) over usb when connected to a windows pc. It seems to copy the iso to the oem partition & then that is read over usb. It isn't used by any custom roms. No idea why it's a 15mb partition when the driver iso is under 5mb. No idea what persist & misc are used for, or if they're used at all on the blade, but they're only tiny, so it's not worth the chance of breaking something, imo. As for TPTs breaking your phone, oemsbl.mbn & qcsbl.mbn are the only really dangerous files to mess with, mess those up & your phone is a real brick, needs jtag to fix. If you alter partition.mbn then it wont flash. You can do what you like with rest, at worst you should need a working tpt to fix it. There also seems to be some very small chance of freak problems, TomG said he flashed a known working tpt to a phone once & it just decided to wipe all the first part of his phone's nand & brick it, I've no idea how that could have happened, but i don't doubt that it did. Another little note, the raw nand (not yaffs) partitions - boot, recovery, splash & oem should be a few blocks bigger than the data they're storing, they need spare blocks in case anybody has a bad block in the wrong part of the nand. Also, if you move the splash partition, then you also need to hack another bit of appsboot.mbn - cpg did that for me, he disassembled it, it's not as simple as hacking the partition table. TPTs to change the partition sizes of chinese v880 phones could be made, but they'll need to hack chinese firmware. A European appsboot.mbn will cause a chinese phone to not boot, because the european phones have 512mb ram & the v880s only have 256mb. The v880 has different nvitems to the european blade so the european amss.mbn wont work on them by tpt either. If anybody with a v880 wants to do it, all they need to do is extract a chinese image.bin using cpg's ztepack, remove all the .img files, copy clockworkmod as boot.img & recovery.img, add a blank yaffs userdata.img & system.img, open partition_zte.mbn & appsboot.mbn with a hex editor, hack the partition tables in them & repack it into an image.bin with ztepack. If you're going to do image.bin gen2 tpts for your tpt helper app then you'll need to be able to detect chinese phones, so that people don't break their v880s (they're recoverable by flashing a proper v880 tpt) by flashing european firmware. differences in /proc/iomem should be able to help you do that. Other zte devices will tpt too & will break if blade tpts are flashed to them.
  14. ZTE_SeanJacko, the Libra had been on sale for weeks in Hungary when you posted this thread & that version was available in the UK via Amazon. It's been on sale for months in Asia. Now it's been released in the UK. It has a 2.6.32 kernel & Android 2.2.2. The 2.6.32 kernel source that ZTE has released doesn't have a working driver for the camera in the ZTE Libra. The GPL2 camera drivers in the kernel must have been modified in some way for the kernel that is distributed with the Libra & complete source code for that kernel has not been released. In my (non-legal) opinion this is in violation of section 3 of the GPLv2 license that the Linux kernel was given to ZTE under, which is the license that allows them to redistribute Linux (ie sell android devices). 'as quickly as resources make practically possible' means before the phone leaves the factory. It's not difficult to obey the GPL software license. Total cost to ZTE should be around $5-$10 us dollars, depending on how well they pay their chinese staff that are capable of uploading something to the internet. The cost of not doing it, is never being able to sell another Android device, or anything else based on Linux ever again, in any country that respects copyright laws, when they get taken to court.
  15. It should allow somebody with ztepack & a hex editor, who knows what they're doing, to alter it to change the internal nand partition layout of the phone - to give you more room on /data for your apps & data. Like we did on the Blade.
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