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  1. Hi i also have another problem. 1)My phone will randomly turn vibrate off. For example when i have my phone on silent i want my vibrate set on. However i find that randomly even though i have set vibrate to always on the vibrate will randomly turn off 2)I can't get gmail to vibrate when i'm getting incoming mail. Again my phone is set to vibrate (always on). I've look through gmail settings to check whether there is an option to turn vibrate on but there isn't Can anyone help?
  2. Ok i've done that, however how do i completely remove ADW because when i try to delete it in applications there is no delete button?
  3. OK. Also how do i delete ADW Launcher too as i am fighting it quite laggy especially in menu screen? Thanks
  4. Thanks for uploading it instead. I'll give it a whirl and see how it goes
  5. Thanks for the reply but the link doesn't seem to be working, i keep getting a Google 400. Thats an error with the link. Can you repost please. Thanks
  6. Hi i've just updated to CM7 nightly 152 from JJ7 and i am having a problem where when waking up my phone from sleep the screen will not turn on. Also when i receive a call when the phone is in sleep the phone will ring/vibrate as usual however the screen will not turn on so ica nnot see who is calling or answer. I have followed all the instructions and wipe/factory reset before installing the rom. So can anyone help? Thanks
  7. Hey just installed this rom. Thanks working great so far. I only have one problem so far is that in the application menu (where you can pick which app to open) the screen does not auto rotate when i rotate the phone to landscape. I hope you understand what i mean. Is there any settings i need to change?
  8. Just using Jellyfish release 7 and cpuset to overclock Got quadrant score of 536 at 711MHZ but then phone crashed and reset Now using 691 MHZ and got score of 489. That sound about right?
  9. Oh ok i had an old 8gb m2 card lying around so was hoping to use that
  10. I read that some phones accept both micro sd and m2, so was just wondering if anyone knows if the orange san francisco / zte blade accepts M2?
  11. Just 2 things i have a problem with, i presume its a 2.2 problem rather than Jellyfish 1) When i call someone the screen turns off and becomes unresponsive so i cannot put the phone down or use the dial pad. 2) When using the gingerbread keyboard, say im typing a word the predictive text above the keyboard will show the word i want but i when i click it, it doesnt replace the word i am typing but adds the word to my already existing spelling (i hope you understand what i mean), so this renders the predictive text useless Can anyone help?
  12. I have an annoying problem when i call someone the screen turns off and i able unable to use the dialer or hang up. This has happened a few times now
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