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  1. Bigbyte.me

    Dell XCD35 ROM Dump

    ROM dump .. only 5.3mb... there must be some problem i think..
  2. Bigbyte.me

    Dell branded ZTE Blade for India

    what is the most reliable way of taking the ROMDump from a Gen2 phone? Will try and ask someone who has got a GEN2 dell xcd35 with Froyo.
  3. My phone felt little sluggish after I upgraded to RLs3 last week from Flb r10b. Did a full wipe before installation. Downloading SS Rls4 now, hoping it solves the problem.
  4. Does Frankish themes for SS2 work on SS3 as well?
  5. Thanks a lot KK that you are back. Downloading your new ROM right away. One quick question though, what is this saunalahti_ril stuff and why it is important for some people here. As far as I understand it has some thing to do with the performance of the telephony functions of thew phone. How do I know that whether I need it or not?
  6. Bigbyte.me

    Dell branded ZTE Blade for India

    The Dell site and advertisements in local news paper says that now DELL xcd35 is shipping with Android 2.2. Dell xcd35 At this point the news may not have much significance since we already have some Excellent 2.2 ROMS by developers on this forum, but still for records. Some Indian user already having this phone may get his phone updated to 2.2 and post the dump here.
  7. Got it thanks. But after a long press getting an option to select recipients from contacts would be a good addition.
  8. While composing a sms, I've to manually enter the recipient's number in "TO" box. Earlier ROM used to give an option to select a number from contact's list.
  9. Please mention md5 also so that we know that the zip file hasn't been screwed up.
  10. Screen is always on while charging unless i manually lock it using power key. Is it intentional ?
  11. How come two different networks on mobile signal widget..??
  12. Tried installing the new dialer zip for 10b and got the same error '6'. As told earlier I'm using Clockworkmod recovery by sebastian404. BTW can I manually install smartdialer apk's after removing current one's through titanium? If yes, what all apk's i need to remove?
  13. I'm also facing the same problem Can't install this SmartDialer addon . Using Clockwork, says error 6. I upgraded from 9b to 10b without any wipe. Tried installin addon, got the error. Then wiped the contacts info data and dialler data and then tried again got the same error. I do not have facebook or twitter applications installed on my phone. Check the frankish unified theme thread.
  14. Welcome back KK. Hope to see the JJr10 soon incorporating latest changes.
  15. I've observed if first connection of market is made through 3g then market crash problem is not faced. Just my observation, Can't conclude anything.

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