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  1. yes, I wiped and restored from google all the information, also rebooted between wipes. still doesn't restore. thanks.
  2. this link Google apps (11/10/2012): gapps-jb-20121011-signed.zi I got this off the CM10 page...
  3. as I did with my most recent problem. thanks again.
  4. tried that already, I select the restore option and nothing happens... :(
  5. thanks for the helpfull replies. problem solved as Kelthar suggested. but seriously, you guys actually want me to read a 54 page thread before asking any questions?
  6. Hi, for some reason I can't set a song to be a ringtone. I can only get the preset list of ringtones that came with the rom. if I place the song in the notification folder, it adds to the notification tone list, but it doesn't happen with the ringtones folder. any help?
  7. Hi. I just installed CM10, and since installing it I have problems with the notification bar. it gets stuck, can't open it and can't see notifications (for example the hour doesn't change)... any advice?
  8. is this the one you ordered? http://www.batterybay.net/Extended-Battery-for-Huawei-U8815-p/huawei%20-cs-hu8815wl.htm can you specify the work time? does it overheat or has any other bugs?
  9. Hi. I just updated my G300's rom to CM10, for some reason google won't restore my apps and other data (for example my contacts). any advice?
  10. thanks all, I just ordered one. does anyone knows where I can get a gel back protector for the extended battery? I cant find any that fits the 3600mah battery, only the original...
  11. Hi. Im using the G300 with infusion rom. when I try to use App2SD, I don't have the "move to SD" button. I understand that this is a common problem with infusion rom, but I have no idea how to solve it. anyone?
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