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  1. Is this meant to happen? This happens in recovery and the OS, This is a very annoying when turning up my volume on the phone. The volume function on the phone still works so i can still turn the volume up, but this is still annoying as the phone keeps going back a page when i increase the volume. Can anyone help me? This is the model with the TFT screen...Is this a known issue? I upgraded from Gen 1 to Gen 2, could this be the problem?
  2. I ended up winning an auction on ebay for a ZTE Blade for £44 total, Thanks
  3. I am looking to buy another t-mobile pulse/huawei U8220 off ebay, To use as a throw-away/backup phone incase my current phone (Samsung galaxy s2) breaks, Is there still development happening with this phone and would it still be worth getting one? Or any other suggestions for cheap android phones?
  4. I am currently on TWRP recovery, i find the UI much easier (bigger buttons, no accidental pressing) and it looks a lot better
  5. I do Glossy, It was a general question really, I have gave up on the OSD for now since i don't have a Job yet in order to buy the device.
  6. Thank you guys, I will be getting this phone, sometime, maybe tomorrow to a few weeks time, I am sorry that I won't be able to help with the root problem, as I said, I am not a developer, I am just a person who has a keen intrest in Technology :P Thanks again guys for the replies!
  7. I would not be able to afford a S3 myself, Personally you're comparison between the S2 and SD, I will miss my S2 ofcourse (It would be going to my mum, I can always have it back :P) I think i'd like to try the SD for myself, I personally like the NFC feature, but Bluetooth 2.1 in a 2012 smartphone? My S2 is from 2011 and that has Bluetooth 3.0, Obviously there's not really any differences but i want to be sure. Thank you for you're reply 'captainkremmen'
  8. You will need to unlock the bootloader before root can be achieved don't you? As you will need to run some sort of modified kernel? I am not where by means a developer but i do have a very good Intrest for Hacking and Technology in General EDIT 1: Looking at some sample pictures taken with the OSD, It looks to me to be comparable to my S2, Does the OSD have a LED flash, I can't seem to find one?
  9. Giving up ICS is fine (for now) as there will be custom roms as soon as root is available (COME ON WE CAN DO IT) I used gingerbread Modaco Rom GR8 on my S2 for a long time (8 months), I suppose i could live without root for a while. Thanks for you're replies
  10. My Parents are deciding weather to get me this phone or not, but i would have to give up my beloved S2, my question is, is it worth it for this phone? It wouldn't matter anyway as they have said, I can have it for 2 weeks, if i don't like it i can go back to my S2, I would still like to know though Specs wise: I think it is worth it Build quality wise/screen size: Not so sure EDIT 1: I know the phone is unlockable :) But I use Root apps on a daily basis, so i would have to wait for root, I mean even my app restorer needs root, lol
  11. I found a port: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=28027089 This could be dangerous
  12. I was wondering how difficult would it be to port over Android 4.1 jellybean from the Galaxy Nexus to the S2?
  13. Great, I personally can't wait, JaellyBean for the S2, Yes, I'm still using my S2, I don't have a Job and I can't afford a new phone each year, Every about 2-3 years I upgrade.
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