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  1. Hi, Sam0ht, thanks for your response, and sorry for the late reply. I thought nobody would reply to the topic... So I ended up forgetting about it, until now. Your theory makes a lot of sense indeed. But the weird thing is that, even when I switch back to my Claro chip, the TIM logo is still there. I guess somehow the proxy settings persist even when the connection isn't being made through TIM anymore... I'll see if I can change some setting back to remove their "branding" entirely. Or maybe I'll ditch it altogether and stick to Mobile. Oh, yeah, and I'll watch this topic more carefully from now on. Enabling email notifications of replies is a good start. :mellow: Thanks again! :o
  2. Thanks a lot, avers! I still haven't found the replacement cover, so your reply surely came in handy! I didn't give an update to this issue, but the nearest authorized repair center said they won't be carrying replacement doors anytime soon. I hope your answer helps people with the same issue as me! ;)
  3. Hi, everybody! I hope the tag [DEBRAND] is adequate. I'm not sure if this term applies to this issue below, so my apologies in advance if doesn't fit here. Well, my DEFY shows Claro's branding on startup (bootanimation). It's no big deal here, since I bought it from Claro... Not the best thing in the world, but I can live with it. I barely turn my phone off anyway... :unsure: Although it's Claro-branded, it doesn't have SIM restrictions (I guess this feature is called SIM-unlocked, right? Is it even right to put a hyphen there?). So I went to use a TIM chip on it, to get advantage of their promotional data plans. Thing is they somehow managed to mess up with Opera Mini's startup by putting an annoying logo that displays "Powered by TIM" while it's loading. The default search engine changed to Yahoo!. They also added ads above the Speed Dial thumbnails ("Win a phone" and "Internet on your phone") and a link to the TIM homepage (a thumbnail). Intrusive at best... I've managed to remove the TIM link just by selecting "Clear" on the pop-up menu, but no such look to revert everything else back to the "stock" Mini. Not even uninstalling and reinstalling did it, nor cleaning the cache. I'm a rookie, by the way. Did anyone go through the same thing? I couldn't find any post with something related to this. Any suggestions? Any help is appreciated -- and comments are welcome as well. B) Hugs, Hitomajiri
  4. Update: I've contacted Motorola through their Motochat, and the representative told me I could get a battery door from an authorized repair center, at a undisclosed price. I haven't called a repair center to check if they carry this item and its price yet, but I'll do that when I get back home from my vacation. I'll let you know. Happy 2011 to everybody! Hitomajiri
  5. Hello, everyone! It's nice to finally be part of the great MoDaCo community. I've been reading posts here since 2005. I recall that by that time I had a Samsung D500, and I was trying to figure out how to play games on it. I've come a long way through Windows Mobile, iOS, Symbian and finally, Android. Well, my first post here is to ask if anyone of you, guys, might know where I can find a replacement battery door (AKA cover) for the DEFY. I've searched dozens of pages but they only seem to have those snap-on covers. Maybe I'm getting one of those in the future, but first I want to make sure my battery door (and everything else) is pristine underneath it... It's scratched already! I guess it was courtesy of my little cousin who handled it for a few minutes... And he already managed to scratch it! Oh, my! Not even a tough phone can stand to him, I guess... :( I'd rather get one with the Motorola logo only, as mine came carrier-free, but it's OK if have to get T-Mobile's branding all over it. Actually, I've thought of getting a dummy, but I don't know if their battery doors are functional. Any help is very much appreciated. Hugs, Hitomajiri
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