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  1. also turns out that jbl use the same charger for their ipod speaker stations.
  2. wicked guys thanks for the tips, i am going to keep searching the house to see if there is one with the same tip, otherwise i guess i'll find an argos tomorrow
  3. does anyone know of an alternative charger that can be used with the vega, i'm away from home and havent brought my charger with me? i dont want to buy a new one just use one from another piece of kit that also fits the vegas charging socket, i could buy one at a push though. ( foolishly believed the battery meter which said it was on 90 and then dropped to 25 over a twenty minute period) thanks in advance guys
  4. kinkade


    wicked, cheers, dude, i love my vega but the viewing angles are not so good
  5. kinkade


    thanks for the info, i have heard that some of the newer vegas have better screens, do you think thats true?
  6. Hi guys, my screen has become totally unresponsive, i can still operate the buttons and see their effects and all that is pretty snappy so its just the screen that does not respond to any touches, unfortunately i had disabled usb debugging so now i see no way to get access to it or restart it apart from letting the battery rundown and hoping that restart does the trick, anyone got any ideas i'm running r6 and i have run the digitiser module on the forum in the past. cheers
  7. +1 for this i usually use furniture polish too, though something that worked brilliantly for me on my desire with a plastic screen protector was wd40, its oleophobilc you see and it protects the plastic.maybe someone can try rain x on the vega
  8. just got my code form this guy sohacommunications on ebay 5 pounds fifty and all done within ten mins, i'm a very happy camper, you always worried your money is going to be wasted
  9. All fixed. Redownloaded the package and that did the trick
  10. just to clarify some aspects of the flash have clearly worked as i now have gapps market access flash etc
  11. ive flashed r5 a couple of times and have selected both performance pack and small not bar in the kitchen but neither seems to be flashing across, my notification bar is definitely not any smaller and i am still having touch issues, can anyone give any advice? thanks in advance
  12. ive also installed r5 and still have touch issues and no small notification bar, anyone know what the deal is?
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