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  1. JackG

    Need Help Flashing New recovery image

    Copy the adbwinapi.dll and adbwinusbapi.dll files from the platform-tools directory to the tools directory. Then fastboot should work. Jack
  2. You need to do ./flash_image, like you would do on Linux. Jack
  3. NOTE: THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. ALSO, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY BRICKED/DAMAGED DEVICES WHEN YOU ARE DOING THIS PROCESS. YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. YOU ARE WARNED. So you want to root and install Custom ROMs. The previous way to install custom ROMs was to flash a fastboot ROM, but not anymore. I've knew about this method for a while, but never tried it, but I tried it and it works, so here is how to do it. First of all, if you haven't, update to Android 2.1 either using LG's official update tool or KDZ Updater. Next, you need to root your phone.. I recommend Z4root, as it's simple, automatic and done right on the device. (For people using the V20C software, please use "SuperOneClick" instead.) Download z4root.1.3.0.apk from here. Put the file on your SDcard. Then, using a file manager (for example Astro) or APKInstaller, install the file. Open the app and then select "Permanent Root" Wait for the phone to reboot. Congrats, your phone is now rooted. Now, we need to flash Recovery, which will allow us to install Custom ROMs. Download the recovery image of your choice (I recommend that you use ClockworkMod Recovery which can be found here.) and put the recovery_clockwork_x.x.x.x_swift.img on your SDcard (Rename it to recovery.img so it is easier to work with.) Next, install YaffsExpert from the Market. (It's free ;)) Open it and in the first dropdown box, choose "Restore" and in the next, select "Recovery" press "Browser" next to the Operation File field. Select the recovery.img file. Make sure the "Target Device Model" is set to "All other" then press "Operation" wait for it to finish. Ok, so Recovery is installed, Now we need a ROM to install. Select ANY rom you want, and download it's Recovery version (Either a recovery backup or update.zip) and install it in the normal way. NOTE: If the ROM you want is only available in fastboot format, take a look at my guide on turning Fastboot images into recovery backups. Any questions? Just ask below. Hope it helps, Jack
  4. JackG

    Flash a locked phone??

    Yes you can still flash, but this will not remove the network lock, you will need an unlock code if you plan to unlock. Jack
  5. JackG

    stuck after a2sd

    When you have flashed your ROM again, root your phone and install "Link2SD" from the market. This will give you "Froyo Style" App2sd, you can select apps to move to SD instead of moving them all. Make sure you DO NOT move Widgets and Launcher apps, they will cause the phone to crash. Jack
  6. JackG

    Can't connect GT540 to PCSuite IV ?

    Sorry, but PCSuite is incompatible with 2.3 custom. Jack
  7. JackG

    Downgrade cersion 2.3.3 to 2.1

    You cant go back to non-fastboot roms, but you can go back to official 2.1 though (fastboot rom) Jack
  8. JackG

    Downgrade cersion 2.3.3 to 2.1

    You need to factory reset as 2.3 user data is incompatible with 2.1. Flash your 2.1 fastboot rom again through KDZ and then, let it get to the Android screen. Pull out the battery and put it back in, hold the camera button and plug in the usb cable. You should reach a blank screen, and open a command prompt and cd to where fastboot is (androidsdk\tools) and then type fastboot -w fastboot reboot Your phone should get past the android screen when it reboots. Hope it helps, Jack
  9. Sorry I read it wrong, I thought his phone was unable to boot -.- Jack
  10. Here is something you can try: Download the LG Update tool from here: http://www.lg.com/uk/support/mc-support/mo...one-support.jsp Once its loaded go to: Customer Support-> Recovery Phone type your IMEI number in (Found under battery or side of box) I haven't tried this but I found it somewhere on XDA if you phone gets stuck at LG screen, thats ok! Just flash a fastboot rom with KDZ and you should be ok. Hope it helps, Jack
  11. He can't flash the backup because fastboot is unavailable. His phone still has life, but he may have corrupted the bootloader so it won't write files to the bootloader partition. Jack
  12. JackG

    GT540 Dead after Flashing

    This happened to me while flashing a fastboot KDZ. If your phone is still under warranty (it doesn't matter if you voided it) try taking it back to the store you got it from. I done this and they still fixed my phone :) It's worth a try. Just tell them you turned your phone off at night, woke up and it wouldn't power on, even with charger etc. Hope it helps Jack
  13. JackG

    Completely Unresponsive Phone

    GOOD NEWS! The Carphone Warehouse called me today and said my phone had been fixed! My sister is picking it up for me after work :)
  14. JackG

    Fastboot Flashin Tool

    To Underdog2k9 With your permission, Would I be able to include this program in my tools package I am creating. I will give full credit to you in the program. Thanks, Jack
  15. JackG

    Clean Eclair 2.1 ROM For Download

    There was no point in posting this as 1. We already have a list of roms from LG in a topic here 2. Also, if someone has flash a fastboot rom onto their GT540, You cannot use official roms anymore (when a regular rom is flashed, it sticks at LG screen and will only boot if a fastboot rom is installed)

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