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  1. I am thankful to XDA-developers there are some very good people over there who are kind enough to help. Have not found a solution other than returning it to Samsung for service but at least we tried to fix it.
  2. Since receiving some help on XDA and tring to flash Overcome and Stock Gingerbread still no joy. Overcome failed to flash via odin and Stock Gingerbread installed OK butfailed during recovery: Upon installing update assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device") == GT-P1000 and so on for each GT model and then Error in /cache/recovery/sec_csc.zip (status 7). The wipe cache fails with E:format_volume: rfs format failed on /dev/block/stl11 the wipe data/factory reset also failed on /dev/block/mmcblk02p , stl10 and stl11. I am no expert but it seems that my filesystems are read only following the attempted ext4 conversion by the Euro clockwork recovery app yesterday. I have tried to flash at least 10 different firmwares but all fail to boot I am beginning to think that I have a brick and should return to Samsung service centre... Tony
  3. Hi, I have searched the threads and found similar problems but no solution appears to work for me. I took delivery of my GT-P1000 UK model today and everything wise fine, rooted OK until I installed Clockwork Mod's Euro backup from the market. I let the euro reboot the tab and perform a nandriod backup that backed up Ok and verified but the tab would not reboot after that - only the Samsung boot screen and no recovery mode via the power and vol+ buttons. I flashed the euro firmware pit, PDA P1000XWJMI, modem and phone but still no joy just the boot screen or download options. I do not know what my original firmware version was so I just chose the latest 2.2 available in this forum (P1000XWJMI). I am pretty much stuck at the moment and would appreciate some help to get my tab back into working order with the stock froyo 2.2 Uk 3G+WiFi firmware. Also tried firmware P1000XWJMG but still no joy Cheers Tony
  4. Tony Evans

    Cannot factory restore from recovery

    Thanks very much for that. the restore worked perfectly with your advice. My remaining problem is to establish why upon reboot I get the black screen with backlight that,requires the restore of the Nandroid backup - perhaps its something to do with the Clockwork mod that I pushed from adb? Thanks again Tony
  5. I am running R6 and all is well until I need to restart the Vega. Once restarted I get the black screen with only the backlight on. I have tried to do a factory restore but it always fails on the system image restore at the last step (please see below). Can anyone offer some suggestions of how I can solve this problem? Thanks Tony C:\Users\ajeuk\AppData\Local\Temp>nvflash.exe --bct H5PS1G83EFR-S6C_V24_0625.bc --setbct --bl bootloader.bin --configfile flash.cfg --odmdata 0x000c0075 --cre te --go Nvflash started rcm version 0X20001 System Information: chip name: t20 chip id: 0x20 major: 1 minor: 3 chip sku: 0x8 chip uid: 0x1714404641bf90d7 macrovision: disabled hdcp: enabled sbk burned: false dk burned: false boot device: nand operating mode: 3 device config strap: 0 device config fuse: 0 sdram config strap: 0 sending file: H5PS1G83EFR-S6C_V24_0625.bct - 4080/4080 bytes sent H5PS1G83EFR-S6C_V24_0625.bct sent successfully odm data: 0xc0075 downloading bootloader -- load address: 0x108000 entry point: 0x108000 sending file: bootloader.bin | 937416/937416 bytes sent bootloader.bin sent successfully waiting for bootloader to initialize bootloader downloaded successfully setting device: 1 0 creating partition: BCT creating partition: PT creating partition: EBT creating partition: MSC creating partition: SOS creating partition: LNX creating partition: APP creating partition: CAC creating partition: USP creating partition: UDA Formatting partition 2 BCT please wait.. done! Formatting partition 3 PT please wait.. done! Formatting partition 4 EBT please wait.. done! Formatting partition 5 MSC please wait.. done! Formatting partition 6 SOS please wait.. done! Formatting partition 7 LNX please wait.. done! Formatting partition 8 APP please wait.. done! Formatting partition 9 CAC please wait.. done! Formatting partition 10 USP please wait.. done! Formatting partition 11 UDA please wait.. done! done! sending file: bootloader.bin | 937416/937416 bytes sent bootloader.bin sent successfully sending file: recovery.img / 5242880/5242880 bytes sent recovery.img sent successfully sending file: boot.img / 8388608/8388608 bytes sent boot.img sent successfully system.img is too large for partition command failure: create failed Press enter to continue:
  6. Tony Evans

    iPhone MyWi with Advent Vega

    I have the same problem. Now looking for an alternitave iPhone thether app.

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