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  1. Ok, well I will sum this up, go unscrew your device, open it up check the name for the digitizer check it's specs you will have a sadface afterwards. And the reason most devs not bothering with "hacking" by that making a software mod to enable more readpoints is because it can't. As well you had posted @xda about how good zte blade was. Myself I owned a zte blade I loved it but I had this problem. And my phone died and I couldn't get refund. So now I own an U8800 and happy with it. But don't get upset or sadden the phone is great really. Also about the xperia play, how can you trust reviewers; When they "love" iphone for no specific reason more or less than stupid reasons and saying "retiana" or whatever screen they have is epic. While most reviewers don't know that retiana or whatever is just a standard, SLCD with higher pixel density and high resolution. Anyhow I seen both phone in front of me and tried them both as my friend in real life owns xperia play. The screen has more "vibrant" colors, works better under sunshine and the black is blacker than my black :/ It uses a LCD with LED backlight, feels better than a LCD with TFT :(
  2. How do I I know that it's impossible. Because hardware can't be altered by software. If you have a display with resolution of, 480x800 you can never "hack" it to become 1280x800, you can if you wish to play around with pixel density to get something similar but it will look stupid. Also the display on xperia play is better than U8800, it has a resolution of 480x854 also reading more into it they seem to use SLCD(Super LCD) rather than standard LCD. Well It's okay you could sell or demand refund for U8800 and change to another phone.
  3. YO BRAH U CAN INTO COMPUTAH ? Well enough with this stupidity, there is no "hacks" to force hardware to do the impossible. Bear in mind that other phones have locked "digitizer" readers, the "hacks" just enable more reading, not that it will be efficient or so. Did you know Samsung Galaxy S II can reach 29 points, but only 10 are enabled. Anyhow I am sorry for your sake that you need more touch points for using emulator, you should have gotten yourself a Xperia Play ! :-)
  4. http://wiki.modaco.com/index.php/Huawei_Firmware_U8800
  5. I don't understand your "dual" multitouch, but I get that you are trying to ask why the digitizer can only read two points. Well huawei did infact not care that it can't hold more than 2 points. Also do you need more than 2 points, why not ask before buying :-) Also multitouch is = more than 1 point read :-P and no there is no "hacks" to force a digitizer to read more than what it can.
  6. I just took the quote from a site where they had more info about this phone.
  7. Seeing the Huawei vision, is more or less a Huawei Nero X6 U9000 with unibody and u8800 frame look. Is not worth buying such thing, I am happy with my u8800 and will stick to it until it dies or something.
  8. There is no need for external program, also if you haven't partitioned the SDCard you wouldn't be able to add anything also I am pretty sure you might not done this part correctly. What format is the SDCard filesystem with? You need fat32.
  9. Did you hold them all? You should do it until it says updating firmware something screen.
  10. And then download again the firmware I sent to you @last post So download one firmware and follow instructions it will work "again" like nomrally !
  11. When you get the magical blue screen, you must have deleted your cust folder. I recommend you go download any standard firmware and reflash. http://wiki.modaco.com/index.php/Huawei_Firmware_U8800
  12. I have tried it and can say it's good works for everday use, you can make phonecalls you can send sms, browse, use 3g/2g wifi and play games most basic things. However camera and recording audio and video recording isn't working. Will be fixed soon.
  13. There is only one MiUI ROM for our device and it's a ported version of another MiUI ROM for another device(HTC Desire Z/G2). You can find more here ! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1152240
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