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  1. Hi.i have instale a ICS on my phone by is not workig so well,it is too slow and drain my battery to fast. i would like to go back on version 2.x.x. is it possible to do that in recovery mode?
  2. does anybody have a alternative link for download or sombody to send it to me to my e-mail?
  3. i have read somewhere about that(but now i can not found it) ,when i making a call ,screen get lock automaticly,like by default. now is during a call ,screen is ulocked and when i talking,constantly i keep presing something. everything else about Swiftdroid its just perfect.can someone help me about that issue?
  4. is it possible switch qwerty keyboard to classic mobile keyboard with letters and numbers on it? thx
  5. felixbbb031

    GT540 Update to 2.1 Tutorial (Croatian Language)

    trebali bi ostati svi jezici,pa tako i hrvatski. nisam jos naisao na taj problem.
  6. felixbbb031

    GT540 Update to 2.1 Tutorial (Croatian Language)

    u majku mu. jesi ukljucio 'debugging mode'? probaj restartati komp sa mobom ustekanim u komp. meni je tako uspjelo. ponovno dobro procitaj upute. ja sam skoro skurio mob.
  7. felixbbb031

    LG GT540 Alarm issue when phone is off

    thanks people,i have done some of this solutions.
  8. felixbbb031

    how to uninstall preinstaled apps on lg gt540

    Problem Solved Thank You Guys ;)
  9. is it possible to uninstall preinstaled apps on lg gt540? i would like to remove sns,facebook,sims3(sims3 i cant even play,i dont know why),foursquare,wapedia. even if I remove those apps,is there some possibilities to brick the phone,or android os? i have tied with Terminal Emulator ,but there is only options to delete downloaded apps from market. and that is not an issue. tnx in advance
  10. i saw that many people have problem with lg gt540 when they set alarm and phone turn it off(or battery get draind). Alarm simply does not ring. I fell asleep on the job. does anybody have solved that problem? or is it possible to solve it? tnx advanced
  11. felixbbb031

    Can i chane the SMS notification tone

    You are the King! Thanks man and gr.from Croatia :lol:
  12. felixbbb031

    GT540 Update to 2.1 Tutorial (Croatian Language)

    probat cemo.samo da ne bude "jedan probo' ,pa se usr'o" tnx
  13. felixbbb031

    GT540 Update to 2.1 Tutorial (Croatian Language)

    ukoliko ga flasham preko ovog filea sto si podijelio,hoce li se opet morati rootati telefon? znas li mozda sto je poboljsano sa tim novim firmwareom? hvala i pozdrav iz os
  14. app have been instaled on my phone,but i dont know how to use it. i am confused and depresed :unsure: lg pc suite sync only about 50 percent of contacts and than say "contact with phone was interupted",but i did not touch anything ahhgggrrrhhhggr

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