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  1. /system/lib/modules is arbitrary, Acer probably put the modules in /system/lib/. Seek the .ko files in all the system folder.
  2. I think it's n framework-res.apk
  3. Are you going to buy a Galaxy Nexus too? Damn, I can't wait
  4. Hi users. Consider this post as my last post. I'm leaving liquid and liquid community...I'm buying a Galaxy Nexus as soon as it comes out. It seems a fantastic device. I also have to keep up my work on Asus Transformer. So this post is my last present to the community, I really hope someone will keep up the Liquid development. The question I have most seen in this forum is How can I port a ROM? Well, first of all keep in mind that there isn't a way to port a ROM. I can tell you what you should change, not what you need to change. The following list is the list of the file I changed to get the CM 6.1.1 fully working. Obviously you should take them from a working Acer Liquid's rom (like my CM 6.1.1 v3 or LiquidNext) and then add/replace them in the rom you want to port. /system/app: Bluetooth.apk → To fix the bluetooth problem Phone.apk → To fix the proximity sensor issue Added liquid settings & GApps /system/bin: Since you probably use the old sensor, you need to add all the *_yamaha files. brcm_patchram_plus → To fix the bluetooth dhcpcd netd → To fix the wifi hotspot (you MUST change also /lib/libhardwarelegacy.so too, else you will get a bootloop) rild → To get the network working servicemanager → To get the sensors working vold → To get the vold working /system/etc: the entire firmware folder to get wifi and sensors working the init.d folder to tweak the rom the permissions folder, added missing xmls the entire wifi folder to get the wifi working gps.conf → To improve the GPS hosts → To fix ads media_profiles.xml → To fix problems with camera and camcorder vold.conf and vold.fstab → To fix vold, if you don't change them the rom won't boot. /system/framework: Added com.google.android.maps.jar to fix problems with the apps which uses GMaps. You can find there the files to tweak with smali to get some stuff working. For example, if you want to get the prox. sensor working well, you need to edit the PowerService class in services.jar. /system/lib: the entire egl folder the entire hw folder the entire modules folder all the libOmx* .so files → To get the camcorder working all the libaudio* .so files → To get the audio working (if you don't change them, it won't boot) libandroid.so libauth.so libcamera.so and libcameraservice.so → These depends on the ROM. libcm, libcommondefs.so, libdiag.so, libdll.so, libdsm.so, libdss.so, libeffects.so, libg*.so libhardare_legacy.so libloc*.so liblog.so libmedia.so libmmgsdilib.so, libmmipl, libmmjpeg.so, libnfc_ndef.so, libnv.so libms3c_yamaha.so → To fix the sensors liboemcamera.so → To fix the camera & camcorder liboncrpc.so, libpbmlib.so, libqmi.so, libqueue.so libril*.so librtp_jni.so libsensor*.so libspeech.so libsqlite_jni.so libstagefright_*.so → These are usually not required libt99.so libvoicesearch.so libwebcore.so libwms.so libwmsts.so /system/sd: The placeholder file. → To get sd working /system/usr: the entire 'keychars' and 'keylayout' folders /system/vendor: The entire folder. /system: Edit build.prop and add/change the following strings: ro.product.board=salsa ro.hw_version=4 rild.libpath=/system/lib/libril-acer-1.so Obviously you also need to change the kernel and, if needed, you must also edit the BOOTCLASSPATH in the init.rc file in the ramdisk. Please refer to other tutorials for this. Notes: Pay attention to the updater-script. Sometimes all the problems are due to wrong permissions in it. Give a look to the updater-script of working roms to know more about it. This is the most important thing: LOGCAT. If you don't use it, you will never port a ROM. You MUST read the logcat to know what's wrong in your ports. I hope you will find this post usefull and that you will receive the necessary knowledge. But to learn all this thing what you need is to keep trying. Good bye community
  5. Follow Dario93's tutorial, you can find it in the "Ultimate thread of Liquid"
  6. It's plenty of tutorials on this, like this: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/Logcat
  7. Logcat is your friend, it tells you what crashes and you need to change it.
  8. For get the best from ICS, you need a 3.0 kernel
  9. Try to change the vold files in /bin/ and /etc/
  10. Yeah, it's too sad to see this forum so much...depopulated. However our liquid is getting older, and the device is slowly becoming old. I will keep using it this year, but the next year I will buy a new Android Smarphone. I will help who will port ICS to our device (even if, honestly, I don't think it will be possible to port ICS to Liquid). And I will help Dario to transmitt our knowledges, so other people, hopefully, will develop for this device
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