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  1. Many thanks! I will load this onto my Skate. Will this GAPPS package also work on the ZTE Blade?
  2. 160 MB is enough to install the ROM, but not the GAPPS as well.
  3. I think they really mean low end devices running current hardware. Kitkat is not intended to support ARM v6 processors, which the Blade has.
  4. I'm up and running. Re-flashed the ROM and all is good. Using the build dated 23 Nov, and surprised how small a footprint it has... system is only 190MB. Wish I had created a 200MB partition for system rather than 220MB. I might yet start again! Question - does this ROM include Google Now? I was hoping for a hacked version like we have on the Blade. If not, can the version on the Blade be installed on the Skate?
  5. Thanks for the GAPPS package, however, after several attempt to get a fresh install done, I realised that Provision.apk is essential for a full re-install, because it is the new phone setup wizard.
  6. Is S2E working? I'm running 4.2 happily with S2E, and would like to update without having to do a full wipe.
  7. You may be able to install over a recent build that is Android 4.2 or 4.3, but I think you need a complete format and start from fresh if upgrading from Froyo.
  8. I've not used aliexpress (or any Chinese site) before... how are people paying to get buyer protection? PayPal? Also, I spotted that iocean deal, but can't work out which model it is... the 1 GB or 2 GB RAM model... the title and the description to not match. Is it better than the JIAYU G3, though it is described as having the MTK6589 at 1.2GHz, but I thought they were all upgrade to the turbo? Or, do these ridiculous prices indicate a complete ripoff?!?
  9. Thanks for the input. The Zopo C2 Platinum only has 1GB of RAM, though I have read reports that the MT6589 does not leverage extra performance with 1 vs 2GB RAM. Xiaomi MI2A sounds good, with a S4 Pro - can Android be put on? I don't want MIUI. Jiayu G4 runs a MT6589, but I would prefer MT6589T. Does this apply to the Zopo C2 Platinum? If buying directly from Zopo (see the link I gave), then I would expect them to stick to the product desciption provided. I do keep wondering, when considering these phones priced around £180, is it better to spend the extra for a Nexus 4? The Chinese phones have a number of attractive specs, but does the horsepower and RAM of the Nexus 4, plus better OS support, make it a better option even at the higher price?
  10. New to this discussion... interesting the hear the opinion on the MT6589 struggling with FHD screens; and definitely interested to see how the MT6589T can cope. I've been looking around for options with MT6589T, and found the following: ZOPO C2 16GB Platinum - $280, with possible shipping from Italy warehouse. iOcean X7 Elite - $283, also has 2GB RAM Thoughts?
  11. Google have hidden the developer options in Android 4.2 - this is a stock implementation and is well documented. Even though so many people are struggling to search this thread to learn that Google Now Voice Search is not compatible with the processor in the Blade, they should still be able to find another method of performing a Google search! While I'm at it, the play version of S2E does not yet support Android 4.2 - use the custom one posted here and at xda. It pains me to feed these people, but can these points be added to the OP, please?
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