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  1. Thanks for the update KonstaT. I have one question, The legaCyMod git repo is only updated when you push changes into it. So, if I build a ROM after 1 month, using the legacymod repo 1 month outdated, wouldn't that cause problems? Also what is this legacymod all about? Is it a "translation" of armv7 to armv6 packages or are they only some device specific patches? Because I only see small patches on it made by you and the rest is just merging changes
  2. Backed up 10.1 and upgraded from it. Feels a little slower and I think my phone isn't deep sleeping but everything else is ok. Time for a full wipe! Don't forget that this rom requires more space! You can trim it down below 160mb if you remove some useless apk's and languages from latinime. Thank you for your work!
  3. Thank you for confirming this bug. One other interesting bug that I have, even after a full wipe, is this one. If anyone can also confirm it, please tell me. This happens when you try to connect to a protected wireless network or when you modify a working network. This bug doesn't always happen to me. The popup is completely misplaced and unreadable Thank you ;)
  4. Everything is ok, I have 160mb and I have flashed many other rom's like this before. md5sums are ok. I've also tried to remove useless app's and reflash but the same thing happens (it's not a storage issue)
  5. Hi all. I've decided to do a clean install on this one. Formated all partitions and installed rom + gapps. After 1st boot, I get a blank screen (backlight is on, touchscreen reacts to touch because the hardkeys backlight is on). To fix this i need to remove the battery and reboot. Anyone can confirm this? If you can't confirm, please reply as well because I have no idea what is wrong here.
  6. If you are having "system has stopped responding" at every boot, just don't unlock the screen before you insert your pin code... let the "insert pin code" message appear before touching your phone. The 16bit surfaces seems to make scrolling faster on some app's, it might be placebo, but this rom seems smoother than previous versions. Also, this new version uses more 3mb on /system, 160mb partitions will problably get full Keep up the good work!
  7. I had this problem... I found that "automatic brightness" was the cause of it. I never had one random reboot after disabling that option and setting brightness manually :)
  8. I never had one single reboot with android cm7 (2.3.7), even with overclock to 691mhz. Since I moved to 10.1, I had 3 random reboots in 1 week, without overclock... 10.1 is still under heavy development, random reboots might happen...
  9. the maximum frequency that the blade can run is different for every phone. For example, I can run my phone at 690mhz and others at 760mhz. If you put 844, your phone will instantly crash and if the "apply on boot" box is checked, you will need to wipe data and loose all settings to be able to use your blade again. Short answer, no, you need to find what's stable to you. start increasing speed until you have force closes and/or reboots. If you don't know what overclocking is, don't do it!
  10. Awesome work! I've been using this rom to replace 2.3.7. There is a significant performance decrease, but that is expected, cyanogenmod10.1 is still under heavy development and I thank every developer for their work. I'm here just to ask if anyone is having problems with screen not turning on, only the hard buttons backlight is on, but the screen backlight remains off. I'm trying to diagnose it via adb but I can't reproduce this bug frequently enough. To solve this problem, usualy removing battery or blind shutdown/rebooting the device works. Anyone had this problem? merc1800k, did you made a full wipe? (format /data /system /cache /boot) before installing the rom? and you have at least a 160mb partition? isn't the lag caused by a running app?
  11. There is one possible tweak that could be included on this rom: According to RFC2131, section 2.2, dhcpcd, once it gets an dhpc lease, it sends ARP requests to see if that IP is free. This takes from 5 to 10 seconds. Real example, imagine that you connect to your router, it gives you Your phone will check if is actually free. Well, if your router gave you that IP, it's because it's available so we are wasting time here. On CM7, adding "noarp" to the end of /etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd.conf reduces A LOT the time that is needed to connect to a wireless network. With CM10, it's something similar. dhcpcd.conf doesn't exist. Create this file: /system/etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd.conf and write "noarp" on it, without quotes. Save and reboot. Now connect to a wireless network. It should be way more faster! Give it a try. (you can use root explorer to do this) On the developers side... if we pass the --noarp flag to dhcpcd, there is no need for a dhcpcd.conf.
  12. Hi all. I know that some of you are still thinking: "should I use cm7 or cm10? Which one is better?" So I decided to make a simple review. I'm an old zte racer ROM developer and I've been tweaking, building and playing with rom's at quite some time (zte racer is just like zte blade, but with 256mb of ram, no light/proximity sensor and smaller screen). Until last 2 weeks I was using CM7 nightlies but I decided to try this cm10 builds, just to check the current state of stability and performance. It's quite interesting to see a low end device capable of running android 4.1 with good performance. The first thing that I noticed when I made the switch was the increased ram usage. every app uses more ram on cm10. More ram usage isn't always a bad thing, unless you pretend to multitask... Also, cm10 obviously needs more space, these builds use something between 145mb (with gapps) so a 160mb partition is enough. I usualy remove some apps from the ROM's, on CM10 I removed these ones: Doing that, the system size is about 134mb, fits the old 138-140mb CM7 style partitions and might as well improve the performance. Ganster posted a patch that allows us to use legacy omx, so it would probably solve the only reason that keeps people away from using cm9/10, If my internet was better, i would post a build with that patch, but it's still downloading the full cyanogenmod10 repo... For gaming performance... I only had fruit ninja and doodle jump. Both games were faster under CM7. For example, doodle jump as visible micro stuttering that might disturb the gameplay on cm10, even with overclock and performance cpu governor. CM7 wins here About multimedia performance... I casualy watch my favorite shows on my phone. I use mxplayer + cifsmanager. It plays avi videos from my linux share, over the air. With CM7, there was a little lag between audio and video and sometimes a few frame drops. With cm10, the same avi video is full of frame drops... CM7 also wins here, the codecs need more optimization in order to work with CM10. CM7 is much older than CM10, so there are a lot of more patches and customizations on that older android. Things like "auto 2g/3g" when you press the data widget button don't exist. Also I can't seem to find a way to set the time between pressing a key (Q for example) and it displays a popup with a number (1). I used to set that at 250ms, and the CM10 default is much longer than that. So, with cm10 you will loose a lot of extra settings that you have with cm7. CM10 also doesn't have FM radio neither USB/WIFI tethering. These 2 things might be important to some of you but the tethering should be easier to fix from my point of view. For some reason, CM10 has much better wifi performance. It has a better signal, better range and better speeds than cm7. Currently I'm experiencing a bug: the wifi signal meter near the battery status isn't accurate. If I'm right in front of my router, it shows full bars. I go away from it, and it is always at full signal until wifi connection drops (no signal). CM10 wins here though. CM10 play store feels much more faster than CM7, and they are the same versions. Installing/uninstalling software it's faster and smoother. CM10 uses more caches than CM7, I don't know if this is a bug or feature, but for some reason a lot of aplications have more than 5mb cached (why does gps-status has 5mb of files in cache?) Usualy with cm7 only browser and google play store had a big cache, but never bigger than 5mb. Caching is good unless you are running out of space. CM10 wins here. CM10 looks good! It's more up to date, has new features and it looks smooth. So, if you are still on CM7, give CM10 a try :) Sooner or latter, bugs will be fixed. But if you need stability and performance, keep with cyanogenmod7. cyanogenmod10 is not there yet! I also have to thank all the developers and mainly KonstaT for his work. It's a great ROM with a lot of potencial, I hope it keeps going this way and I can help on whatever you need. Keep up the great work :) (wow, this is a lot of text oO)
  13. And you are right. The latest CM7 nightly is rock solid and an excelent rom to use and it will probably be the only full featured ROM if qualcomm doesnt provide OMX drivers for hardware video decoding. http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?device=blade
  14. I can't confirm any problems with 3D and the newer libs. Also, they only affect 3D performance. The newer libraries are still available from targetbsp's blade site so you can try them and see how they work with you. Antutu scores are higher so problably they might be faster at something on "real life usage"
  15. If wifi doesn't disconnect, something is wrong with your network. Can you try usb tethering to see if the problem still happens that way? If it does, probably isn't your fault and I would sugest to open an adb shell to your phone, enable 3g and data (disable tethering) and constantly ping google.com (for example) and see if it starts to give timeouts.
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