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  1. I tried it but got the same issue with the operator name stuck on "T-Mobile" when roaming, unfortunately. One difference, though, is that gsm.operator.isroaming has the value "true" when roaming on Orange with my T-Mobile UK contract SIM with the standard installation of SS (presumably with the Saunalahti RILs) but has value "false" after I apply the MVNO patch.
  2. I have tested a T-Mobile UK PAYG SIM and this performs better (in the UK when roaming on Orange, at least, I haven't tested this when roaming outside of the UK - but from a recent visit to Belgium I can confirm that the operator name is constantly reported as "T-Mobile" no matter which Belgian operator I connect to with my T-Mobile UK contract SIM with Swedish Snow RLS2 - CM7 shows the correct network, as previously reported). The PAYG SIM shows the operator name as "T-Mobile" on T-Mobile UK's network while Phono (from the Market) shows "T-Mobile UK", with the following getprop values: [gsm.sim.operator.numeric]: [23430] [gsm.sim.operator.alpha]: [] [gsm.sim.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.alpha]: [T-Mobile UK] [gsm.operator.numeric]: [23430] [gsm.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.isroaming]: [false] When roaming on Orange, the phone shows ""T-Mobile Orange" while Phono displays "Orange", and getprop | grep operator gives: [gsm.sim.operator.numeric]: [23430] [gsm.sim.operator.alpha]: [] [gsm.sim.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.alpha]: [Orange] [gsm.operator.numeric]: [23433] [gsm.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.isroaming]: [true] It looks as if Phono is grabbing the network name from gsm.operator.alpha - you may be able to confirm this with your phone if Phono shows "Elisa" rather than "Saunalahti" PS. BTW, I'm sure this is not a SIM-specific fault as a second T-Mobile UK contract SIM I have tested also sticks with "T-Mobile" when roaming on Orange in the UK.
  3. OK, here are my results: I installed Swedish Snow just be be sure I get the operator name issue, and I do. With my T-Mobile UK SIM installed and connected to the T-Mobile network the phone displays "T-Mobile" (as I would expect) and getprop shows: [gsm.sim.operator.numeric]: [23430] [gsm.sim.operator.alpha]: [] [gsm.sim.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.alpha]: [T-Mobile UK] [gsm.operator.numeric]: [23430] [gsm.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.isroaming]: [false] But note that the string displayed on the phone, "T-Mobile", does not match gsm.sim.operator.alpha (which is blank) or gsm.operator.alpha (which has the extra characters " UK") If I switch to the Orange network, the phone still displays "T-Mobile" and getprop shows: [gsm.sim.operator.numeric]: [23430] [gsm.sim.operator.alpha]: [] [gsm.sim.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.alpha]: [Orange] [gsm.operator.numeric]: [23433] [gsm.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.isroaming]: [true] So, it seems that, in Swedish Snow, the string displayed on the phone is not obtained from either gsm.sim.operator.alpha or gsm.operator.alpha. For comparison, with CM7 7.1.0 stable, the phone shows "T-Mobile UK" when on the T-Mobile network and getprop shows: [gsm.sim.operator.numeric]: [23430] [gsm.sim.operator.alpha]: [] [gsm.sim.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.alpha]: [T-Mobile UK] [gsm.operator.numeric]: [23430] [gsm.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.isroaming]: [false] i.e. identical values to those from Swedish Snow. But if I switch to the Orange network, the phone actually shows "Orange" and getprop gives [gsm.sim.operator.numeric]: [23430] [gsm.sim.operator.alpha]: [] [gsm.sim.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.alpha]: [Orange] [gsm.operator.numeric]: [23433] [gsm.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.isroaming]: [false] Perhaps CM7 is using the value of gsm.operator.alpha for the operator name displayed on the phone. I don't get the problem with an Orange PAYG SIM, these are the results: Swedish Snow, Orange SIM, on on the Orange network: phone shows "Orange" [gsm.sim.operator.numeric]: [23433] [gsm.sim.operator.alpha]: [Orange] [gsm.sim.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.alpha]: [Orange] [gsm.operator.numeric]: [23433] [gsm.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.isroaming]: [false] Swedish Snow, Orange SIM, on the T-Mobile network: phone shows "Orange T-Mobile" [gsm.sim.operator.numeric]: [23433] [gsm.sim.operator.alpha]: [Orange] [gsm.sim.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.alpha]: [T-Mobile UK] [gsm.operator.numeric]: [23430] [gsm.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.isroaming]: [true] Note that the phone display "Orange T-Mobile" is not identical to either gsm.sim.operator.alpha or gsm.operator.alpha. CM7.1.0 stable, Orange SIM, on the Orange network: phone shows "Orange" [gsm.sim.operator.numeric]: [23433] [gsm.sim.operator.alpha]: [Orange] [gsm.sim.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.alpha]: [Orange] [gsm.operator.numeric]: [23433] [gsm.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.isroaming]: [false] CM7.1.0 stable, Orange SIM, on the T-Mobile network: phone shows "T-Mobile UK" [gsm.sim.operator.numeric]: [23433] [gsm.sim.operator.alpha]: [Orange] [gsm.sim.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.alpha]: [T-Mobile UK] [gsm.operator.numeric]: [23430] [gsm.operator.iso-country]: [gb] [gsm.operator.isroaming]: [false] In summary, with CM7 the value of gsm.operator.alpha is always the same as the operator name shown on the phone. But with Swedish Snow, the operator name displayed on the phone is never consistently either gsm.sim.operator.alpha or gsm.operator.alpha.
  4. Hi KonstaT, Nice to see your work continuing here. Although for a minute I had deja vu and thought I was back in early 2011 when I saw the name of the ROM! :) A quick question before installing: does this ROM have the bug preventing it from displaying the correct network name when roaming like in MMHMP? This happens on a lot of ROMs, actually all of the recent one I have tried apart from apart from CM7. Wbaw thought it might be down to the Saunalahti RIL files (See bug report on xda). If this is the case, do you have any ideas on how to get around this? CM7 doesn't have the bug - might it be possible to use something from there to bypass the problem? Thanks in advance.
  5. I am getting the following Cloudflare error message quite a lot these days when I try to access MoDaCo: I suspect it a problem with the Cloudflare replicas in different locations because whenever I get the error I find I can still access the site if I route the request through a different ISP.
  6. After several more recharge cycles I think the first recalibration cycle was not representative. In fact I had to reboot the phone and remove the battery after reporting my experience above, so I suspect that it wasn't running correctly. My longer term battery consumption pattern has been closer to 1-2 days depending on usage, more or less what I had seen before the recalibration.
  7. After a bit of hunting I found a copy of the original GSF B14 (I won't post a link as it may be taken down, but it is still available if you look in the right place). I reproduced my configuration and settings on GSF B14 and I found that after 1 hour the battery percentage did not drop at all. Like jventura I got bored at that point. I rebooted and found the battery percentage had dropped by 10% when I restarted. I suspect, therefore, that GSF B14 does not report battery percentage in the same way as the other ROMs. However, if the 10% drop is true then GSF B14 outperforms both B19 and CM7 on the phone-idle-screen-on test by quite a margin (1% in 6 mins vs. 1% in 1 min 24s). This needs more investigation. Now that I have B14 on my phone I plan to run it for a few days in general use to see how it goes. I'll report back anything interesting.
  8. Both framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk have changed since 7.1.0 stable so the system theme mods in posts #32-35 are not compatible with the nightly builds. You can get back to where you were before applying the mod simply by reflashing n241 again. No need to wipe anything - see A1 in the FAQ in post #1. I wasn't planning on updating the system theme mods for every CM7 nightly build. As an alternative you can use the Androidian theme mod to be applied with theme chooser (posts #26-29) which should be compatible with all versions of CM7, but if you want a system theme circle battery mod for the various nightlies you can easily build your own in UOT kitchen - see the A2b in the FAQ in post #1 for instructions and hints on how to use the colours and other settings from the themes/mods in this thread. I hope the FAQ helps. If there is anything missing please shout. If you make something for n241 that works please post it to save everyone from needing to do the same - especially as the kitchen is massively over subscribed these days.
  9. I've attempted to repeat these results, but with GSF B19 as I don't have B14. I have only run the tests once so far, but my results indicate there is no difference in battery consumption for the phone-idle-screen-on test: CM 7.1.0 stable. 45->40%, 7 min 20s. GSF B19. 44->39%, 7 min 22s. In both tests the phone was freshly booted with no user apps running. Wifi was on, 3G data on, no data being synced. Screen at 50% brightness (set with settings->display->brightness), screen timeout set to 30 mins. Ondemand governor with min 122 MHz was set in both (using setCPU in GSF and CM settings in CM7). The phone was idle on the Zeam launcher home screen.
  10. nrev


    Looks like a good game but the menu system is unfathomable. I've tried several times but can't figure out how to turn off the sound.
  11. Top left of the screen - look closely and you can just make out two circles.
  12. No great ideas. Do a nandroid backup first, just in case, then you could try to reflash your ROM without wiping data. If that doesn't help try again with all data wiped. If you don't get anywhere then it may be that your battery is dead.
  13. If all else is failing you could try deleting your wifi settings and reconfigure them manually. See post 7 and post 9 in the "CM7 wifi issue" thread. You might want to just rename the file or take a backup first, just in case this doesn't fix the problem.
  14. I've just tried MMHMP RLS3 but I am getting the same issue that I got with GSF (B19-B27) and BM 2.4 with the network operator ID being stuck on my home provider's name when roaming. I posted about this in the other ROMs' threads but I'll paste it below for convenience: Any ideas?

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