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  1. Any chance of this being looked into? Would love to test it out in the UK..
  2. So can we in the UK use Google Wallet with our credit / debit cards? because I'm assuming the app won't accept these cards, regardless of the root check being off..
  3. oh... I tried it on a version I compiled today aswell.. I'm not sure about N41 either xD What happens is theres no gps icon in the status bar and gps functionality seems to be broken / non-existant.
  4. yeh and the scary thing is cyanogen said the sources would be limited.... .. and today Ive had LOADS of trouble getting hands on the sources.. it's only successfully synced once out of about 30 times :S But even after that successful sync I confirm that nothing has changed... only the nightly buildbot has changed. The sources have not been touched
  5. I would say no because if you check the changelog at the start of the topic then you'll see not alot has changed from RC4 to n33
  6. check CyanogenMod website... for april fools cyanogen has quit android lol
  7. my TFT has no touch screen freezes... but it does occasionally have gps issues.. I'll have to test that later. I'm using the latest cyanogenmod sources but nightly 33 should be ok too. It seems like theyve just edited the lib camera so I'll have to see this change... I believe the FC when changing to SVGA has been fixed by removing the option
  8. lol.. I like it how your all acting as if this is a 'new' rom haha... Theyve updated the buildbot to change the bootanimation and build properties. This is a real nightly, and has incorporated all the real changes of cyanogenmod.. so its just the buildbot and bootanimation theyve changed, because when I build from the latest sources it's still 'cyanogenmod' :D Sorry to burst your bubbles B) *edit holy **** I can't update my sources anymore........ perhaps they are limiting their sources... :|
  9. Perhaps you should update this.. its fixed altogether. Tested on my san francisco..
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