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  1. Hi everyone... I bought a A199 MTK6572 duel sim from DX.com, however when it arrived and I inserted the sim (o2 UK) I get no signal. The description clearly stated 3G yet I get no signal in either sim slot. DX.com are not very helpful on subject :( http://dx.com/p/a199-mtk6572-dual-core-android-4-2-2-wcdma-bar-phone-w-5-0-wi-fi-fm-and-gps-black-blue-252585 Can anyone please help me? Thank you ace EDIT All working now :) The sim I used was the wrong one, I used my old work sim DOH The Vodafone sim one I had in the draw (Guess thats a duff one)
  2. Hi All, My Wireless just connects then disconnects (Any wireless network)... This happens on ALL images CM7, CM9, CM10 and stock orange rom... I have tried the following: Setting Static IP (save greyed out even when after making changes) Rebooting router Can anyone please help?
  3. Hi Guys, The WiFi see's everything but cannot connect to anything... It states "Connecting / Disconnecting" I tried to set a static IP but the "Save" option is greyed out when making changes :( Can anyone please advise?
  4. Hi folks I just upgraded from OSF to OSF2, popped a few roms on and noticed I cannot use Word Completion (Predictive Text) Does anyone have a guide on how to get it back and where to get the files? I believe the files are not illegal so this post should be OK (However if I am incorrect please let me know and I will remove or request deletion) I believe I need an XT9.apk, Libs folder and User Data folder... but I do not knw whet to gert them,,, Tried google but no success... Does anyone have a pack andf rough guide at all? OR an equivelent / better solution :) thanks ace
  5. Thanks for the quick reply Rinnegan... Is there a "Pack with Guide" I can download from somewhere? If so can you PM me the info please or drop a hint ;) thanks
  6. Hi Folks... Upgraded from OSF to the OSF2... unlocked, installed CWM and Fish N Chips fine, but now Word Completion (predictive text) does not work... it can see names in my address book fine. I have searched the forum (and google) but cannot find the resolve. I have tried the following to fix the issue. Checked the Langudge and keyboad settings removed and reinstalled 2.3.5 message client "com.messaging.apk" reinstalled Debranded rom (Just to see if it is the image, still the same) any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)
  7. Hi I have a bricked Galaxy S i9000, I can reach the "Now Downloading" screen holding Down+Menu+Power but cannot reach the Recovery screen. Can someone please point me to the guide and files I need for recovering using Odin? I am struggling to find them :( Thank you
  8. Now the HTC Flyer has had a price crash in the UK does this mean HTC will abandon the development on the machine? I just sold my iPad 2 and bought the 16GB flyer today for £199 :) I am hoping they eventually release 4.0 ICS but 3.2 is not offically out yet so I wondered what people think.
  9. I have had a look at the guide posted by Steve Harper (great guide) I have done a search and looked \ searched through the forum. but i am still unsure what the best rom is to use... I have been choppin and changing but im unsure... Im currently on Pauls R8 and thinking of going to R12 but I might bite the bullet and go back to 2.1 if there is a better one anyone can suggest. I have made a full back up in clockwork ready... I mainly use it as only a phone and for internet and play poker sometime I welcome all suggestions and any reasons would be great too... Thank you in advance I really appreciate the help !
  10. Move to JJ09 for now and its working... I was on R8 then moved to R11 but the option to select call ID not number is missing ;) strange eh ? anyway thanks guys appreciated !
  11. yes they are... i added them one by one.... they show in my contacts, if thety call its a no show.... im gonna wipe the phone and try JJR9 so if the issue persists.... shame as I love this modaco rom
  12. Hey guys, Names are not showing when people call me.... Im using a custom baked Rom from Pauls 2.2 any app I can download to fix this or anyone know how to fix it? thanks ACE PS I did search but nothing constructive appeared
  13. This appears to be an editing tool... I was hoping for a viewer. any other suggestions? Thanks Ace
  14. I have google it and search the forum but nothing.... The one's I tried that were suggested looking though google... They are rubbish... I seen an awesome one on youtube but the name was just photo 3d book but it dont exsist :lol: any idea's \ suggestions ? thanks Ace
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