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  1. I'm all calibrated now and working fine, the cable connecting the screen mustn't have been damaged after all. the back button still doesn't work even though I've alligned them right but I can manage without that, the start button works fine which is the most important one. thanks for everyone's help
  2. ps that was in no way easy, next time I'll just buy a new one :)
  3. Right, I'm all done, screen working OK, thanks for everyone's help Touch screen is all over the place though and the back button doesn't seem to work. Where do I get that screen calibration app from? I've used it before but can't seem to find it.
  4. This is not easy, really not easy. I've managed to get as far as putting the new screen in place and now I need to connect it to the circuit board. The thing that connects the two, do you need to use the one that was already there, the new screen doesn't seem to come with a new one? If so, I think I've damaged it while trying to remove the old screen, where can I get a replacement?
  5. My new screen has just arrived so I'll be having a go at changing it when I get home tonight, fingers crossed. I'll post a full report once complete.
  6. Possibly, on the picture above you can see a brown 'thing', it's like a plastic ribbon. Does that need to be disconnected from the circuit board before you remove the circuit board - I can't get to the screen without removing the circuit board.
  7. I've managed to get most of it loose which has got me confident I can do it so ordered the new LCD screen. The only thing is the brown tape at the bottom of the circuit board seems to be stuck to something and I can't seem to loose it, how did you manage that part? Thanks for your help chaps.
  8. That's brilliant, thanks mate
  9. Forgive me for sounding stupid, but that's a screen for a laptop - does it not need to be a special 'touch' screen or is that part build into the front glass?
  10. Great, thanks I'll have a go at that. Does it sort out the viewing angles ;)
  11. That's right, no damage to the front glass, just the screen. Where did you get the replacement from?
  12. Stood on my Vega and now it's completely knackered, I've never been so upset about anything before in my life (OK an exaggeration of course, but I really am gutted) Presumably they won't exchange it as 'faulty'
  13. Get Plume and Friencaster and you'll never want to go back
  14. Keeps saying connection timed out, is it something to do with the size of the file I'm trying to mount? It's 70 odd gb
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