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  1. this is a very strange problem that I've been having and I'm almost certain that its a software issue. At first everything was perfectly fine, but suddenly, a few days ago the microphone stopped working in portrait mode, and only worked in landscape. Yesterday, by clearing out cache the mic seemed to work, but for only a short amount of time, like 5-10s. After countless of research, I gave up and was checking the sd storage in the nexus 7 by using my computer, somehow an accidental delete of the entire SD card made the mic work 100%, this gave me an idea of it somehow linking with the storage capacity (I have a 32gb, I was only using 10gb of space,) After restoring all the files it somehow stopped working for a short amount of time, but worked after deleting all my music. then I got bored and restored it back again, which somehow fixed the mic 99%. Now today, all of aa sudden it's displaying the same behavior! if someone knows please help. Sorry for a long story.
  2. It seems after updating to that, my google talk has dissappeared, well yeah. So I had to revert back to my old one, does this mean that the ZTE BLADE is not compatible with the 2.3.4 Google talk with video chat features and others.. etc. Please someone help? Is there anyway to get the latest version of google talk in ZTE BLADE without making it dissapear or force close. THANKS IN ADVANCED!
  3. Well, I recently updated my asphalt 5 3.0.7 old version to 3.3.7 the newest version, is there anyway I can restore all my hard working saved data. =''[ I worked really super duper hard on it..
  4. Is there anyway to just download the "APK" of the application from the android market, like without it just downloading the file and installing it. If there is.. can someone please tell me.
  5. My rom- cm7.0.2 Zte blade Gen 2 I hear some people have fixed these GPS and some wifi issues in cm7, so exactly what do I download and is there a kernal update too because I didn't do that after I upgraded mine from Gen 1 to Gen 2. well thanks. Please give me link to the essential things I need to download to fix this issue.
  6. yeah... its always you dude.. -.- Tell me! O.O So what version of apk did you use? Tell me the same with Modern Combat 2 black pegasus What version apk? And what version sd cache?
  7. Hey also, by doing this. Does this mean my phone is officially gen 2? And I can update cynogenmod 7 stable? The newest one, the one that's only for gen 2.
  8. Oh also by doing a nandroid back up does it mean that you can revert back to your old Gen 1 Tom if anything messes up or something. Hmm?
  9. Sorry for being a nub... but what's a TPT? I'm curious, I want to upgrade mine to gen 2.
  10. Well I've given it a try, and it doesn't seem to work with my ZTE Blade. So if anyone has tried it and it works, please let me know, and how you made it to work? ZTE BLADE CM7 RC4.
  11. Should I stick to RC4 still... I'm getting bored with it and it has a few bugs too, but not as much as CM7 stable. Or should I move to one of the CM7 Nightlies. I haven't tried them yet... Please tell me the best advice. And if I do have to pick a nightly, give me the best nightly. Oh and. Zte blade - Running CM7 Gen 1.
  12. I hear about the CyanogenMod being Gen 2 only, since mine is a gen 1 phone, I wondered, can I update it to Gen 2? Is it possible. CyanogenMod 7 RC4. Went back from stable to RC4. Stable has too many bugs.... Oh and Has they fixed CyanogenMod Stable issues?
  13. I'm sorry the circle theme doesn't work for cm7 stable. ._.
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