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  1. Great work Legend but a couple of questions - Is this cwm flashable or ODIN only also does it have the Triangle fixer - Thanks
  2. Good suggestion to change to a 'legal' device but I dont think that will work as my SGS2 and my San Fransisco are legal devices and they dont show up as my devices either. even when running the stock ROM and market
  3. I dont think this is a device issue as whichever of my 3 devices I use just will not show up in my devices anymore - I can download free apps and update apps already installed but cannot download any paid apps at all I have tried different versions of the market but it makes no difference, it appears that google have changed something somewhere
  4. Sorry if this sounds stupid but can you explain the memory on this phone. I have : /sdcard ( this appears to be 2Gb of internal storage) /sdcard/usbstorage (this appears to be 11.9 Gb internal storage) /sdcard/external_sd (my MicroSD card) so when I install apps that need sdcard it all goes straight to the internal /sdcard but I want to store backups etc on my removable card instead, for instance a SMS backup app that I use automatically looks for the backup/restore files in /sdcard and not sdcard/external_sd. All my music etc is also on my external card but the player apps all look to /sdcard, This is becoming a PITA as I am having to manually copy stuff across to /sdcard to access it easily. Also CWM is storing the backup in the internal /sdcard and I would much prefer it on my external card, additionally CWM during backup reports that sd_ext is not found. as for the 11.9 Gb that is shown as /sdcard/usbstorage nothing is shown in there whatever I do I know with some of the apps I can direct them to where the files are stored but some wont allow this and just say no files found. Any and all information gratefully received thanks
  5. it is possible to get rid of it using a software solution but considering the nightnare you just had it might not be viable for you, there are some instructions over at XDA however that will not reset the flash counter, the easiest way would be to get the USB dongle for about £5 that will fully reset the counter
  6. Standard sales trick - They put up a price for a certain period of time and if they sell any at the new higher price its a bonus but they really dont care whether they do or not as it is designed so that in the upcoming 'Autumn Sale' they can legally say "Save £30 on this - was £229 now just £199" Th UK rules surrounding sales has a minimum period that the product must be sold at the higher price in a certain percentage of stores within the chain
  7. Stayed up till the early hours flashing and then playing with this, absolutely fantastic, smooth and fast :D many thanks to all involved you are stars
  8. Interesting, I would use it especially the 98 and XP if it could be used in DOS command prompt mode with support for a USB to Serial lead, I have my reasons :lol:
  9. Maxwell4321

    Advent Vega?

    My son got the only Vega left in the UK from Currys in NW London on Thursday night, he had them check their system countrywide as he lives in Manchester but was working in London with me last week, according to the DSG stock list his was the only one available in the whole of the UK
  10. I have been waiting for something like this since I first started using Android, Thanks for everything and look forward to your PM for the discount details
  11. On the Corvus5 ROM with kernel 2, I used setcpu to set a min of 600 and a max of 1.5 and used the option to set on boot, everything ran fine with no defaulting to 216 at any time. I think that 1.7 would be about max to remain stable
  12. Well I installed it and everything went relatively smoothly, well impressed :) however after I moved some apps to sd to free up a bit of space and then went back into Titanium backup to restore the remaining apps I left it running while I made a cup of tea and when I got back to it the vega had shutdown and just boot looped, so I had to reflash to stock to get it up and running again :unsure: Anyway I obviously realise that this is probably related to one of the apps that was being installed at the time so when I get another 5 mins I will try to repeat the problem and see if I can find what caused it. Going to wait for Alpha 4 before flashing again. Cracking work on the ROM guys thanks
  13. Maxwell4321


    When will this be ported to the Vega ? Sorry couldn't resist :unsure: :) :P ;)
  14. Excellent news on the sucess so far, congratulations guys how about NewHoneyCor for a new ROM name :unsure:
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