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  1. For the recovery to work, you first have to install ADB for your OS... and than, most certain way (but bumpy a bit) is.. 1. run fastboot on phone 2. put/extract recovery image (*.img) to your ADB /TOOLS/ directory (mine is: C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk-windows\tools ) 3. open terminal/console there and run: fastboot flash recovery *.img (name of the recovery) it should work this way it takes no more than 5-6 secs
  2. Just installed it `bout 20min ago.. As far as I can see by now red/green buttons not working, few apps keep crashing (ES FileExpl).. WiFi, GPS, Compass, BT, Camera, three buttons are OK. Oh yes, Youtube via Opera Mini is working, guess flash is OK too. Good job rex!
  3. x850 and Racer are same device.. So how far have you guys come with the 2.2 ROM? If camera is the only thing that's not working, than afaic ROM is done! Camera is so crappy that it won't hurt a bit not to have it working :-D
  4. Maybe a bit faster, I haven't played a lot, before I have putted new ROM.
  5. In exactly same time :unsure: Thanks anyway good sir!
  6. I`m stuck a bit here... I just bought new 8gb sd card, and I partitioned it and putted update.zip on it. What shall I do next? Shell I do factory reset/wipe again and then apply sdcard:update.zip...... or install zip from sdc..... or something else? Thanks in advance EDIT Oh yes, when I flashed ROM on my old 2gb sd card it was with app2sd EDIT EDIT Ah to hell, I went apply sdcard:update.zip.... At first everything seemed fine, but now Market apllication is missing. I guess it`s a common problem?..... HELP ANYBODY?!?!?! Edit of edit of edit Heheheheh I`m actually going to learn something, too bad it had to be hard way... I`ve factory reseted phone, everything is just swell now... Someone might find this usefull
  7. Works like a charm! Thanks! My phone is now officially de-branded... De-VIPed :unsure:
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