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  1. My advice would be to open them and flash the Roms and Apps that you want to avoid any disappointment on Xmas day as flashing roms can be a little tricky and time consuming the first time. That way it will be able to do everything on the day instead of having to wait. Rob
  2. I use this, which works perfectly https://market.android.com/details?id=org.tamanegi.wallpaper.multipicture&feature=search_result Rob
  3. Hi there I made a work Calender in Google calenders and have shared it with my colleagues so that they can view it, I link it to my Vega using the following free Calender widget: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.roflharrison.agenda&feature=search_result Rob
  4. This has happend to me a couple of times, v7, usually on turning the vega on. The only solution i found was to reflash both the modded stock rom (v2) and Vegacomb. The last time i managed to do a backup via cwm and only restored that, fingers crossed all seems well. Rob
  5. Does anyone know if host mode is working in this rom? The holding down the back button on booting doesnt seem to work. Regards Rob
  6. OK I've put vegacomb on my Vega but there is a problem. I log onto the market and everything is fine at first and I have full market access including my apps. After a while I keep getting the following message process com.android.vending has stopped unexpectedly please try again later and I can then no longer access my apps on the market. I have flashed the from 3 times and it always starts out fine but then I get the same problem. Can anyone help Cheers Rob
  7. Hi there everyone I've Just flashed this and put my curvus5 and sp1 backup on, how can I tell if it's worked as I have checked all the volumes and they seem to be the same. Thank you for any replies Rob
  8. Or you could use brasso, I've used it before to take out minor scratches on sunglasses before, but once again I don't. Know what it would do to the screen. Rob
  9. Looks like "fancy widget" Rob
  10. PurpleRob


    I'm using Corvus5 Ron and Flash 10.1. and your site works perfectly fine for me. Rob
  11. For rom names how about the Bevus5 rom Or Newcor rom
  12. Thanks for all the replies and advice. Rob
  13. Hi guys/gals Can anyone help me with this problem. I need a file recovery program as I had to restore xp computer using a backup. Once I restored it it was not recognizing my wd external 2tb hard disk, so I did a quick format and assigned it a new drive letter but obviously all the files are gone (about 300gb worth!). Can anyone recommend a program that actually works, I have tried recuva but alas it doesn't find them :mellow: Any help is appreciated Cheers Rob
  14. I am running the corvus5 rom and this appears to have fixed the white lines issue. Rob
  15. Set up some profiles i.e. i have one based on time and one when its on charge at the max speed, also another for when the battery is below a certain percentage it then reverts to 1000 ghz and if you are using the widget take it off. Hope this helps Rob
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