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  1. I posted this on Hot UK Deals yesterday but they removed it as not a UK seller, even though it's on Ebay UK daily deals. I think about 20 people bought it before they took it down and was getting good heat. It's a good deal, I bought one not long ago at much more and I was happy at that price. I use it for Netflix and KODI and the kids use it for gaming. It's a powerful little box. The only downside is like all Android boxes Amazon restricts Amazon Video and the interface is stock Android, Id prefer something a bit sleeker. But at less than half the price of a similar spec Shield TV I dont think you can argue. A Remix OS ROM was just released at XDA which looks very nice so I might give that a whirl. Anyway, £59 for a Tegra 4 Android box with controller is a cracking price. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mad-Catz-Mojo-Micro-Games-Console-16GB-Android-4K-UHD-Streaming-OUYA-Games-/351599369682?_trkparms=5374%3AFeatured%7C5373%3A0
  2. This is the cheapest I have seen the MOJO which is normally £100+ http://www.ebay.de/itm/Mad-Catz-M-O-J-O-4K-Streaming-Micro-Spiele-Konsole-fur-Android-OUYA-Games-/301812000777?_trkparms=%26rpp_cid%3D565ea150e4b03dc98c7ad06b%26rpp_icid%3D565ea14ee4b03dc98c7ad04a Found on German version of Hot UK deals but ships EU wide. For 4k streaming, PC game streaming, KODI etc that seems really cheap for a Tegra 4 box. Comes with the Mad Catz CNTLR which is £35 on its own.
  3. Looks like update released yesterday to the fastest Tegra ROM available, BigIdeas. I believe mentioned on here before. Google translate not working for me at the moment so Babelfish link will have to do. Original form - http://www.ez-pad.net/android-2861-1-1.html For anyone feeling brave or who wants to play with it.
  4. PC's for a long time have been running at higher than the Windows 7 minimum. The minimum requirement for Win 7 probably excluded less than 0.5% of users from using it. And of those they were likely restricted by other hardware also. For Google to set a minimum this high when the vast majority of devices in the channel don't support that resolution, and as a result exclude around 90% of their market, would make no commercial sense.
  5. I doubt there will be a minimum resolution. Why would there be? What possible advantage is it to Google to restrict it to 1280 x 720, they would be halving their market for it when they want as many people to adopt Android as possible. There are certainly no hardware limitations. I'm 99% sure there wouldn't be a minimum resolution.
  6. Also check this out at XDA. They have a G-Tablet Rom developed from Big Ideas with CIFS and NTFS. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=853310
  7. Also found a thread on XDA where they are doing some work from there for the Viewsonic G-Tablet. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=10165431 There seems to be some crossover between the Malata, Vega and G-Tablet.
  8. You can download the Big Ideas Rom from here. 3 Links at bottom (Primary and Mirrors) and its 80Mb. http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n...le%2Ff11c0c1570
  9. Hi Guys, My first post and I hope it can help. I work in the CE industry and I've had my head stuck into learning the tablet business for the past few days. I've been taking a close look at the Malata Zpad T2 as it has 1Gb RAM. Anyway, while BYD seems to make the Vega the ROM's seem compatible. And there is a ton of work going on the Malata unit in the Far East seperate to the work being done here. Maybe you can use some of it to your advantage in Vega development. THey have VEGAn Tab running on the Malata for example. Lots of English info here - http://www.hkepc.com/forum/viewthread.php?...tra=&page=1 Although alot of the links go to Chinese so get Google translate out!
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