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  1. The cause is already known; the stock UK mains PSUs are weedy rubbish, they don't supply enough power, so cause the touch screen to be swamped with noise. I've proved that the UK stock PSU is at fault by trying extra DC smoothing, which made no difference, then using a quality 12V 3A switched mode mains PSU to power the tablet via a DC power plug transplanted from the stock PSU, so now the touch screen is no longer unusable when charging. The Dixons group should recall all the Vega mains PSUs and replace them with more powerful PSUs which are fit for purpose!
  2. I have added both a ceramic capacitor and a large electrolitic capacitor in parallel with the power connector in my dock and it mades sod all difference. So I suspect it is an noisy battery charging circuit which is screwing up the touchscreen circuitry. This maybe a component issue, a bad batch of tablets, or more likely sloppy design! I just hacked on an old Pepper Pad PSU 12V @ 3A and the screen works fine now, so YES THE STOCK PSUs ARE CACK! Shame on PC WORLD!
  3. 2.2 has some serious bugs (e.g. idiotic market caused filesystem corruption for Apps), and lacks basic comms functionality (Bluetooth HID support), so I'm not impressed by this pointless delay of 3.0.
  4. There is not a proper modoco 1.09 rom until Paul can provide a proper version, the 8a one is flawed.
  5. The framework tab stuff is a damned sloppy unzip is missing the adk files are put on the desktop infozip unzip extracts to the desktop itself! All the required files (i.e. unzip) should be provided and the batch files should be done properly and not use the desktop but a separate folder, to stop all the files on the desktop from getting added to the framework adk and stopping the Vega booting the shell, as happened to me! I had to manually adb the correct framework adk there, to fix it; so I'm not impressed!
  6. I agree that the case is not good enough, I had several occasions what the Vega started to slip out of the case, when the opening was pointed downwards in a backpack, which IMHO is not OK. The case should have, at the bare minimum, had elastic straps or other blocking mechanism, to prevent the Vega from falling out. I've been very careful since to not have the opening pointed downwards, to avoid my Vega getting damaged. Given that this was an official branded Dixons product 'designed' to protect the Vega, I think that they are probably legally liable for any Vega damaged by falling out of a securely held case.
  7. Very interesting! :D The dock looks identical to the Vega one, and the back looks the same as the Vega even the mini (SIM?) door at the top, like the Vega. Maybe we could get the internal 3G/GPS parts and ROMs images for this and upgrade a Vega with little difficulty.
  8. I saw that one, but decided that £16 + p&p the 16GB version was much better value.
  9. The big problem is those instructions don't work reliably. It took me 1/2 hour of trying to get my Vega (bricked by the r8 USB host mode kludge) into flash mode! :D IMHO this kludge is end-of-life for v8 and v9 ROM, so needs replacing with a proper, ROM version independent, solution. I have the dock now, so will be sticking with that for USB host until a non-bricking USB host solution is provided.
  10. Got mine too this week (ordered via the internet, £29.99 with free delivery) and yes it is a useful nice stand, however the non removable back stops it from being used with the portfolio stand case (which has a cutout for the stand connector) and the stand makes the touch screen slightly less usable than using portfolio stand case. It would also be helpful if the stand power light could be switched off, because it does glare blue; this too bright power light seems to be a common design flaw fashion with many powered small peripherals.
  11. The screen saver is an expensive joke I couldn't get rid of air bubbles under it, so discarded it; The Dixons Group should be ashamed of selling this expensive scrap! Don't even get me started on their frankly obscene £60 price for a 16GB micro-SDHC Class 4 card; I got one for £16 + trivial P&P, from Jersey, via Amazon.co.uk.
  12. I second that, the prices for newer Android tablets are getting even more stupid. IMHO a price more than a netbook or a good laptop is absurd, and a price higher than the iPad has to be a piss-take or plain incompetence at cost control! :( I'll stick with my MoDaCo mod'ed Advent Vega and my brand spanking new 16GB Class 4 SANDISK micro-SDHC card (£16 + P&P from an Amazon vendor, not PC-World's rip-off £60 price!!! :( ). I don't need a front facing camera or expensive to use 3G or 4G, WiFi does me fine.
  13. 404 file not found error, when I finally got past the countdown ;)
  14. Wonderful news, I found this hack: http://i-miss-erin.blogspot.com/2009/09/co...in-android.html ;) I'm currently using a fixed su script for my keyboards BlueTooth address, which is rather awkward, so if someone could wrap it better, for use with any keyboard, that would be wonderful.
  15. I did this: Made a new folder Copied adb-windows.exe, AdbWinApi.dll, AdbWinUsnApi.dll and install-windows.bat to the folder Made a "files" sub-folder, and moved the system folder into it Edited install-windows.bat and ran it install-windows.bat: @echo off echo Waiting for device... ensure 'USB Debugging' is enabled in Settings->Applications->Development and connect to PC adb-windows.exe wait-for-device echo Remounting system partition adb-windows.exe remount adb-windows.exe shell stop echo Copying new files adb-windows.exe push files / echo Done, rebooting adb-windows.exe reboot pause It worked fine.
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