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  1. The G510, in the Vodafone UK stock ROM at least, appears to have a problem with video encoding. It skips frames and generally produces very poor quality at resolutions over 640x480 - hence the stock camera app being limited to this. Example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ayhjng0givrmf2/VIDEO00002.mp4
  2. The answer to this is that it drops frames and makes corrupt video files at any higher resolution. I've decided to return (or possibly ebay) my g510 - mostly because I'm disappointed with the camera. The video is pretty poor (worse than my previous G300 I think - certainly no better), and stills are bad too. They're washed-out, auto-focus doesn't really work for me, and click-to-focus often doesn't do anything. There are some minor peeves as well but the camera is the dealbreaker for me.
  3. Just for anyone else who is struggling - fastboot mode is accessed with VolumeDown+Power. VolumeUp+Power is Recovery.
  4. Just got my G510 and now waiting on the bootloader unlock code. It is the G510-0100 hardware, not the G510-0200 which shipped as the Orange Daytona in Spain. The "Emotion UI" is (as you'd expect) worse than pure Android, but nothing like as bad as the reviews make out. I'm genuinely shocked that Vodafone UK have let the device out the door in this state. It's full of Vodafone-branded apps variously in Italian, Romanian, and Hungarian. WTF? Most of them are removeable. Unsure why the camera app it ships with limits video recording to VGA resolution.
  5. Seems to be a wealth of information about the G510 (aka Orange Daytona) in Spanish out there: http://www.htcmania.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1009 Google translate does a good enough job on them to be able to make sense of what's being said.
  6. I'm getting the 'blob' as well. It's present occasionally when I take the phone out of my pocket, and fades after a while. I can produce it on-demand by flexing the phone with moderate force - by this I mean "more than you would normally consider reasonable, but less than you would expect to cause damage" if that makes sense. It fades of its own accord after a little while. I don't know exactly what it is but I recognise it as common when LCD panels are flexed. Won't be returning mine unless it gets *much* worse - as everything works fine and I can't be bothered setting it all up again.
  7. I've successfully installed the "super recovery" but on trying to install Clockworkmod I get: # fastboot-linux flash recover recovery-clockwork- sending 'recover' (5212 KB)... OKAY writing 'recover'... FAILED (remote: partition table doesn't exist)
  8. Thanks for the reply. As I explained, the other buttons are still enabled for a while after the screen is turned off, so just disabling locking (which nolock does just fine) isn't enough.
  9. Is there any way to configure the Blade to be unlocked immediately the power button is pressed, but to avoid the other buttons being able to switch in on? I know the other buttons only wake when it isn't properly asleep - but it takes too long to go to sleep after the power button is pressed, and it can be awake-with-screen-off while apps like email do updates, so just disabling both locks isn't an option. That is the way my ancient and now-retired G1 worked, and felt much less clunky than having to press power button then swipe before being able to do anything.
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