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  1. Header is not being hidden any more while scrolling down in Browser. I liked it very much in Dolphin, but it stopped at 4.1 and now Browser as well.
  2. I have restored almost everything. Some processes has created directory 0, and copied there most of the data. Only SMS and Phone calls are missing. And strangely stock browsed does not see Mobile bookmarks, Chrome can, but browser can't.
  3. Apps were restored by Google. I have not used titanium for a long time. I was sure restore from recovery will work.
  4. Yes, had to restore jr8 again and wipe data/cache. It is working now. Pity, it is very first time I had to clean data since I have started to use Modaco roms.
  5. Hi Could you please help? I have installed jr8 and my phone was continuously rebooting. It was loading stratup screen and reboot. I can't even restore backup via recovery with an error: Couldn't open directory. I have tried to install JR7 back but it is now stuck on X loading screen What should I do now?

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