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  1. I don't see 122MHz clock setting in init.qcom.post_boot.sh, just 245MHz, and ondemand governor, where is this 122MHz setting?
  2. I made an emode.apk fix for Len's ROM (because it lacks the a emode.apk, but it works. it's needed for zte service menu, you know, *983...), it can be installed in clockworkmod, or simply copy the emode.apk to ROM system/app directory. It works. emode.apk fix md5: fc2aa4fe7212cf73792fd3706ecc1121
  3. I tried Len's 2.3.4 slim v2 ROM, with the gps-fix, gps works fine, and almost everything else. Mobiledata doesn't work (T-Mobile), beside that I tried all APN settings. BTW, I don't see option for using 2G only or 2G/3G. Just a little note, in the v2 ROM there's no emode.apk, so you can't watch IMEI, or service menu, but it can be copied from the first leak, and works fine. And I see an odd, the colors' of statusbar icons are changing, from white to green, and vica versa, randomly.
  4. replace this ROM's apns-conf.xml file, with the CM7's, it can be found in the ROM zip, /system/etc
  5. I also did the Gen2 update on my originally Gen1 Blade, it was successful. I noticed the better network reception, in my house, especially in the kitchen, the network recpetion was a bit weak, even in the kitchen there was no signal, after Gen2 update, it became slightly better. :mellow: During update I almost s*** myself, I was so nervous about it, I didn't want to turn Blade into a brick. :o
  6. Thanks, I can install this time, but it force closes... I think the GBthemepack can cause some problem, because it modifies the Phone.apk. (I have FLB-r10b, GBthemepack, GB-circlemod and Power widget colour mod installed)
  7. You can update from r8a to r10b without wipe, so you wont loose any app and data.
  8. When you update from r9x to r10x, your apps with all datas will remain, no wipe is necessary. I also updated from r9b to r10b too, and works.
  9. Yes, remove the apps from /system/app with Root Explorer, this will uninstall the apps, but it's worth doing a reboot to make sure that. It'll be ok.
  10. I'm using FLB's R10b ROM (with GB-themepack + Frankish's updated GB-circlemod theme for R10 + Frankish's Power Widget color mod), and I have some error with the ZTE SmartDialer "update". When trying to install, ClockWork recovery says: E: Error in /sdcard/flb_froyo_blade_r10b_smartdialer.zip Status 6 Installation aborted[/codebox] I redownloaded this update, and this error again... what is it? mod: Oh, I see, some of us are facing with this problem...
  11. If it can be downloaded, it won't work, because the Blade's (and XCD35's, 003Z's and so on...) ARMv6 CPU doesn't support Flash.
  12. I'm using Blade with Edimax BR-6524n router, stable and fast. Moreover, the Blade can see the network from a distance of 2-3 houses. And I'm using WPA2-PSK encryption too.
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