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  1. any screenshots? i am curious about hom much space is taken by the ics softkeys can they be turned off?
  2. I used your battery circle mot with old GSF 2.3.4 and it works great. Can you make it work for new GSF 2.3.5? New GSF best regards
  3. Per Åkesson

    Elite Blade Rom 2.3.5

    Flash Player is not included and can't be downloaded from Market. Search in this forum and you may find working Flash players for Blade. I had one but removed it since I did not need it.
  4. Per Åkesson

    Elite Blade Rom 2.3.5

    1. I use 512 mb ext and 64 mb swap on a 16 gb card 2. no idea, i use App 2 SD with default settings 3. I use SmartassV2 as recommended by KonstaT. My values are 614 and 122
  5. Per Åkesson

    Elite Blade Rom 2.3.5

    I agree. It's easy to reboot to Recovery and partition the SD from there.
  6. Per Åkesson

    Rom with BEST autonomy?

    Try Elite Blade Rom I have set Facebook to sync every 4 hours
  7. This ROM is based on official ZTE Libra Gingerbread 2.3.5. Thus it's similar to Moldovan Mile-High-Mountain-Pie. I have tested this Rom parallel with Moldovan Mile-High-Mountain-Pie RLS6 on two separate Blades and found both equally excellent regarding performance and battery use. I use this firmware partition layout: 160 mb system 294 mb data. I partition my SD card with 512 mb swap and 64 mb cache. An easy way to partition the SD card is rebooting to Recovery after installing the ROM. Give this Rom a try and enjoy. Download links and instructions. General discussions. Edit January 2012: I still think both Moldovan and Elite are excellent Roms, however on my blade, sometimes the wifi lost data connection during a few seconds (switching from green to grey color). So I switched to GSF r3 (with ZTE dialer) and my problem is gone. I have no idea if my error was caused by the Rom or some other installed software. Try these three great roms yourself and decide.
  8. sorry, posted by mistake in wrong section. I wish I could delete this post.
  9. Same here. I've used Blade for a year, with Stock 2.1, Jap. Jellyfish, Swedish Spring, GSF, Elite Blade, CM 7.1. Overclocked to ca 700 mHz and never a single unexpected reboot. Now I have used Moldovan for a week. Four times already there have been reboots when our daughter plays two different puzzle games (Hello Kitty and Peg Puzzle). Strange. I reduce overclock to ca 650 and see what happens.
  10. Yes. I have not seen that issue since the 2.2 ROMs. I think it's solved in all current 2.3 ROMs. Wfi reconnects almost instantly at wakeup. :rolleyes:
  11. In contacts: Menu / Settings / Display options / click on your Gmail account, check all the boxes...
  12. I use the scrollable advanced power widget. When I pull it down, sometimes the mobile data button is OFF (grey), resulting that the Data box in settings is unchecked. I get confused, thinking perhaps I had touched (deactiveted) it by mistake. Then I touch the button again so that it is green. That is the mystery. Indeed I live in a house where the GSM connection to Tele2 is bad, that is why I always use 2G. By the way: I will now remove all un-needed junk that uses data, such as Facebook and widgets, then continue testing.
  13. <p> Data off after sleep Hi everybody! I have used Blade for a year. I used JJ, then Swedish Spring, then GSF. I don't like CM 7.1 because I absolutely want the ZTE Dialer, where Contacts has an extra tab for my groups. Thus Moldovan RLS6 seems to be an excellent choice. Presently I have 2 Blades (one is extra spare). On my regular Blade I use Elite Blade 1.1 and on my extra Blade I have installed Moldovan Mile-High-Mountain-Pie RLS6 as a reference. Every night I try to make statistics of battery consumption. My goal is to find a ROM and configuration with minimal battery drain. Every second night I switch batteries, so that the old battery and the new battery should not affect result. Sometimes I wipe battery stats from Recovery. On both phones I try to make identical setup: Partitioned ROM to 160 mb, 2g only, all data on, wifi on, widget news&amp;weather sync every 6h, Facebook sync every 4h, JuiceDefender, LauncherPro, Gmail, Google+, Lookout, TitaniumBackup. On both phones I have noted nightly battery drops between 10 and 20% so I can't make any conclusions so far. Perhaps I should measure over longer time span, or use apps such as BetterBatteryStats. One thing is strange: Both in the Elite Blade, and on the Moldovan Mile-High-Mountain-Pie Blade, sometimes mobile data is OFF after the nightly sleep, despite that I alway set it to ON. I expect mobile and background data to be always ON when I wake up the phone. Does anybody know what can cause this? Some strange app or some setting? :huh: </p><p>Edit 12.11:</p><p>I removed news and weather widget, facebook, Juice Defender, Lookout, Google+ on both test phones. During this nightly test, both phones used 10-11% battery durung 10 hours, with all data and wifi on. Data was not disabled. Thus my trouble may have been caused by e.g. JuiceDefender<br></p>

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