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  1. So there's no way for me to improve equal of oc to work stable? Interesring why there're so many differencies.
  2. Ant the diffrence is so big? Resets occurts in me on 710MHz, on his device on 806MHz. It's near 100MHz.
  3. Hi all. I would like to ask you something. My ZTE and my friend's ZTE are running on JJ RLS7. We used setCPU to overclock CPU's but there's an annoying different (form me ;)). So my m8's ZTE could be overclocked to 749MHz and it works unstable but on 710MHz it works stably. In turn my ZTE to work stably can be overclocked only to 652 MHz. On 691 MHz it works unstable and on 710MHz it's still rebooting. We are using AHB OC and HW_UI enabled. Where do these diffrences? @edit: my friend's ZTE is rebooting on 806MHz as I mine at 710 MHz :/
  4. Hey flibblesan when can we expect updated version with working other than eng/ger languages? Even morelocale doesn't help.
  5. I know what to do. These files are from Orange and mine Blade is not branded. On stock rom pack there's no recovery. Ehh nvm.
  6. No1 can confirm that? Is that problem really so difficult? :D
  7. So what command should I use? fastboot flash **** update.zip ?
  8. What's still wrong?? This device is really problematic
  9. I don't understand how to apply it :D Inside update.zip there's META-INF folder, system folder and boot.img file and it's all. Is it not correctly as I guess?
  10. Thanks PLAY: Could any1 download this ROM and upload only file recovery.img ? @edit: Ok I found it on XDA. If it could help I'll tell write then about:)
  11. Ehhh sure, thanks. My polish forum android.com.pl is turned off 2nd day and I couldn't check it. Ok, recovery loaded but I check it and as I can see in backup was -.-' There's no way to totally DELETE recovery?
  12. Ok m8s, these files are just in stock rom's backup files :P But.. I should connect my phone via usbe when phone is turning on when holding volume down? Clockwork Recovery is turning on then, and after typing in cmd "fastboot flash system system.img" it showc < waiting for device >. I tried to uninstall device. When I connect it then windowsh shows "your device is ready to use" but cmd shows the same warning. I chose option "update driver" and chose driver files from my hard disci. All done but cms agains shows < waitong for device > B) What's wrong? Only problems with this device :D
  13. @up: Have you ready my first post? :D I don't have sth like "original recovery" on my not branded ZTE. I installed custom rom via recovery so I'll try to do this via fastboot if it could help :P
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