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  1. Any news about this amazing rom? next update is possible to put dictionary in PT-PT, tanks. Love the rom.
  2. Can someone tell me more about AOKP, rom whith CM10+AOKP are awesome, tank you for this too.
  3. The rom is very nice, whit aokp is... well, all know... Tanks KonstaT.
  4. +1 cm10 rules. Edit, please don´t forget multi language, tanks.
  5. Is there option to put Multilanguage in rom, i don t have dictionary Portuguese-Portugal, tank you burstlam
  6. This is easy to resolve KonstaT, next update put AOKP in your room, all here stay happy. I have your Room 4.1.2 KonstaT, in future we expect something with this too. Anyway good job what you do. Congratulation.
  7. Hi KonstaT, nice rom that have, is there anyway to put virtual buttons, my button go back is broken, tank you.
  8. burstlam's here. WIFI don t work, "wap" the button connect is hide Anyway, ics don´t have virtual Buttons, were i can find? Nice Work burstlam's.
  9. Yes, and Yes, its here, https://groups.google.com/group/android-building/msg/40cbd4ea69e035d5
  10. and about softbuttons.patch this in not included, it´s a nice buttons virtual, "excellent"
  11. Hi, all know that CM is higher rom now, is there any way that can i listen the radio without the headphones, program or else.
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