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  1. to end the call you have to press the menu key on the left hand side then tap end call >< battery dies quick because you run the android on high performance which kills the battery quick.
  2. Hi guys for sorry i have not been on for some time to answer your questions i never thought people would get stuck in to installing the Android froyo i posted to ghost the file all you need to do is follow my screenshots on the 6th page of this forum and if ANYONE still has trouble then tell me and i will be happy to make a Youtube video for you guys showing EVERY step on how to install Android on your B7300 GT device Now for things that does work: Wifi Works sometime but once connected it will work (but if switch to airplane mode then switch back to normal wifi do not work) 3G Networks Web works (but is slow) setting works Music plays but need alot of editing to make it work. (i will explain how that works if anyone want me to) Can install apk (Android application files) but like music player need to editing before it can work. Can access android market when have internet Things that do not work: Memory card does not work Bluetooth does not work Camera does not work Gps does not work Speech thing does not work pinch to zoom obviously does not work because the samsung B7300 does not support it Can not download apps from android market i hope this has helped you guys to solve your problems And last note I'AM NOT THE DEVELOPER OF THIS ANDROID of this rom the original developer of this rom has quited creating roms for B7300.
  3. "LOOK AT MY ATTACHMENET TO SEE THE STEP OF "DOWNLOADING & AND GUIDE TO GHOST" THEN READ THIS PART TO FOLLOW THE STEP" Android 2.2 Froyo Ghost Data - http://narod.ru/disk...0-test.gho.html To Download click on the link then type the code in Then untick the box and click on the download link on top of yellow box after you've finished downloading the Ghost File now you need to Ghost it Download my Attachment file and load it BE WARN IF YOU DON'T DO AS I SHOWN YOU, YOU WILL ERASE ALL OF YOU HARD DRIVE AND I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE. And after ghost has finish you will not have your full memory you will probably have half because the other half is used to load Android files Guide to Ghosting Step 1: Load it up and click "OK" Step 2: Click "Local" then "Disk" then "From Image" Step 4: Find the Ghost File you Downloaded Step 5: Once you found the File click "Open" And then Selet your Driver with " WHERE YOUR MEMORY CARD LOCATED" IF YOU DON'T YOU HARD DRIVE OR ANYOTHER DRIVE YOU GOT IN YOU PC COULD BE ERASED (IF YOUR DON'T UNDERSTAND REPLY BACK TO ME AND I WILL HELP YOU) Step 6: Once you found your Drive click OK and it will start Ghosting (no picture because i already done it and don't think because my one is highlighted on the 4th drive that your one would be the same NO find the name of your memory card is by going into "My Computer") Step 7: Once Ghost Finish Click "Don't Restart Computer" Go to your Phone Click on the Battery Power and Change Performance to "HIGH" after that Go to your File Explorer, Storage Card , Click on the only folder, then Haret and sit back and enjoy your android. If phone freeze don't worry that normal because it is your first time loading it simply restart your phone Check the Phone Performance is Set to "HIGH" then go back to the Haret file and Load it up I'll promise you the second time it will work Enjoy! Ghost32.exe
  4. this is perfectly normal it the only way to boot android so don't worry i've found a better verision of the android which function very well but downside calling don't last 30 seconds,bluetooth don't work and gps does not function. appart from those problem everything else works if anyone want it i'll to share this with you guys BTW (By The Way) this isn't my work so all credit goes to the developer who quitted making this ROM T_T
  5. Thank for the Rom dude but i have a trouble installing this lockscreen on my phone. Everytime i install the CAB file it say it this file not supported for this version? Can anyone help me?
  6. the website isn't working ???? i tried sign in up but it failed plz upload a tutorial for cooking roms because i really need knw how to Thanks
  7. dude i've successful install the rom but every time i finish setting up the screen the phone keeps restarting T_T and plus it would hav been even more helpful if you would hav showen us tutorial XP
  8. i manged to get it work ^^ can i ask where did you get that theme from? it sure does look gd
  9. hav do downloaded the file that i posted on mediafire?
  10. i've Found a solution first download this file >>>>http://www.mediafire.com/?7dxk285867tid8d then extract the file and put it in to the root menu of you memory e.g H:\ (Note H: is my memory card you's could be different) Good luck ;)
  11. yes i have still no luck i even tried using different zImage file still no luck at all
  12. i see don't get it downloaded jot23 (froyo) file loaded on to my omina and yet again i still hav the same problem ;)
  13. is there a possibility of you uploading the "newest build" your currently have? that would be nice thanks.
  14. the installation works but i only have one problem now and that is the android os aint touch screen to navigate around i need to use the buttons indicated on the omnia lite on mine >< can anyone help ?
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