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  1. Think that I read that exFAT is not included with with the paragon app because belongs to microsoft in some way. It is only available commercially and not to us poor normal people. But like CPN200 said you can reformat the card to FAT32 (with the 4GB file size limitation of FAT32) and that will probably be fine. I am going to try that later.
  2. Do you know if trying paragons standalone app that requires root would be any better?
  3. I have installed both apps and I can access my USB hard drive. There are one or two problems though, I don't know if its the plug in or MXplayer or the two cant work together all the time. I seem to be able to play my MKV full bluray rips but can not fast forward them and they only play in Software mode instead of Hardware. Im sure when I play them from my DNLA server using bubble upnp and MXPlayer they are using Hardware mode (I think). Any other videos just wont play, even small video clips from my digital camera, they do play when on the Hudls internal memory card.
  4. Thanks I'll check out total commander and the non root mounter and see how it goes. I'll report back what happens.
  5. Did anyone get NTFS or exFAT to work? I just bought a 64GB sandisk micro sd card and was expecting it to work straight away. I had no idea that the Hudl 2 wouldn't read exFat and also wouldn't read my USB harddrive with NTFS, my old Gadmei E8HD can read NTFS just fine. Annoying! Anyway a round up of peoples methods of getting NTFS and exFat to work could be useful for the forum Thanks Mark.
  6. Ive had this problem too but im still on the 06/03/2013 build.
  7. Thanks peetu20 but after disabling wifi and clearing the failed update notifications and then starting wifi again and loading the play store it seems to of stopped by its self! When I went through the Google set up stuff when the ROM was first started I didn't see an option to restore data from previous, was probably there just didn't see it. Actually I would of left it ticked even of I had seen it because what I would class as data is my phone contacts and calendar entries but not apps, if google is counting them as the same thing that is quite annoying.
  8. Hi, I just installed this ROM and all the apps that Ive ever had on my blade are auto downloading, Ive had to tun off wifi to get it to stop, its installing stuff that I don't want anymore, is there a way I can get it to stop? Ive been through the settings menu but cant find anything that about auto download apps or anything. Sync is on because I want my calendar and phone contacts to be updated but not every crappy app Ive ever had! There must be a way of stopping the auto download somewhere.
  9. Hi there, Installing ROMS can get quite confusing I followed this page to install the ROM http://www.modaco.com/topic/339048-guide-flashing-firmware-to-bladelibra-via-windows/ I used the custom Gen2 160 v10 Hope it helps.
  10. Ive moved to a different ROM now (Eco cm9) so I dont need to get them back anymore but would still like to know what happend. I think what i did was turn the phone off and remove the sdcard then switched the phone back on. Then turned it off again and put sd card back in and turned the phone back on. Lots of apps were missing. Yes I made an EXT partition a while ago but i didnt install anything extra to tell apps where to go so I am assuming that the MMHMP rom I was using was using the EXT partition for something. Can you unconfuse me about these EXT partition things, is it for apps them selfs to be stored there or is it some extra ram/rom space for app data to be stored or both or non. Thanks for any help.
  11. Yes I was the notification widgets I ment. I thought I had been through all the settings menus but must of missed that one :-D thanks for the heads up and a really nice rom. Only slight problem I have now is with APN Switch app that I have used for 18 months won't work with android 4+, on older roms all it does is alter the APN from oringeinternet to oringeinternetapndroid so the phone can't access the Internet at unless you want it to. I've edited the APN myself to stop any data leakage. Again, great rom. Thanks Mark
  12. Hi, Ive been using the ROM for a day now and so far so good. I was using Moldovial mile high mountan pie before, release 7 i think. I am missing some, well one I think, of the features that were in that ROM, im not sure waht its called, it was the scrolable options in the pull down notification bar. It had lots of options in it, this one only has 4. Is there an app that could add a scrollable toggle thingy to the phone or is it possable to build this functionality into another build. Is the callender thats included with this rom the standard android one? If it is its not quite as good as the older one, I dont seem to be able to add a new event from the month view by holding down on the day you want to do something on. Appart from those 2 things its really good :D Thanks Mark.
  13. Hi, I dont seem to be able to find anywhere to download the Gapps package, all the links on multiupload are dead and one page even has a virus on it. It also took a while to find somewhere to download the ROM aswell.

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