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    Advent Vega, Samsung Galaxy S
  1. N3ls0n

    VegaComb 3.2 and Screen Calibration

    I love this rom VC(8.1), but I'm having real trouble with the top centimeter of the screen. It is completely unresponsive, almost impossible to close browser tabs or use search facility in the market. Everywhere else the screen is perfect. I have tried the calibration app but it had no effect. Recently I went back to stock 1.10 and then Pauls R8 and the screen was perfect. So, decided to try VC (8.1) again with modded v2... you guessed it, top of the screen unresponsive. Newbe5 and the guys have done an amazing job with this and I'm sticking with it, as much as this is an annoyance, the pros outweight the cons. If anyone has found a solution... please share Nelson
  2. N3ls0n

    NavFree for Android released at last!

    Thanks for the info Trevor, downloading now... Nelson
  3. N3ls0n

    Galaxy Tab now with Honeycomb

    Link works for me. The link is to Honeycomb not Gingerbread and was updated today. Regards Nelson
  4. FYI, Over at XDA Spacemoose1 is doing amazing work getting Honeycomb working on the Tab... Check it out. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1020167 Nelson
  5. N3ls0n

    NavFree for Android released at last!

    Mud, It would seem that it is only stable on froyo then.
  6. N3ls0n

    NavFree for Android released at last!

    Trevor I don't know if this is relevant but I had Navfree working OK on my Samsung Galaxy S until I updated via Kies to gingerbread 2.3.3, now.... start app .. black screen... dumped to home page. I have posted this on the Nav support page hoping for a reply. Tht N3lson
  7. N3ls0n

    Video playback help

    Tim, Glad your enjoying your Vega. FYI I am using arcmedia which is availabke in the market for playing my video files as I find it slightly more stable than rockplayer.... check it out before you make a decission. Nelson
  8. N3ls0n

    24/Jan ClockworkMod for the Advent Vega

    Hi, I downloaded them from the dropbox. When opened ... ! C:\modaco\r4-vega-recovery.zip: Unexpected end of archive ! C:\modaco\r4-vega-recovery.zip: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged I tried a few time to download, same error. HTH Nelson
  9. Hi Dan I am still having problems with USB switching from slave to host mode. The screen informs me that a reboot will happen but then nothing, after several minutes I force a power down and restart check the kernel and it still says XXXXslave. Do you know if there is a way to do this manually ? Nelson
  10. Hi, Installed this rom earlier after failing to install any of Pauls roms successfully .. 'no space left on device' error every time. So far this has worked flawlesdly except I cant switch usb mode. The kernel tag says slave but when changing to host mode it freezes at the switching screen. Apart from that great job. Nelson
  11. N3ls0n

    24/Jan ClockworkMod for the Advent Vega

    Hi, I have tried to download the files several times but when I open them the zip file is damaged, anyone else had this or know of an alternative location Nelson
  12. N3ls0n

    Problems updating with any custom rom

    Update. Not to be beaten I tried a clean install of 1.08... no problems. Then decided rather than doing a custom bake in the kitchen I tried a prebake of r8 loaded fine until the very end... error ' not enought space on device' followed by a few more errors and cmd box disappears. Newbe5, Your correct ADB if working fine, I hadn't considered CWM I will give this a try and report back, hopefully it will help if anyone else is having the same problem. Trevor, Thanks for the reply, I tried the search facility (not advanced) but didn't quite get the answer I was looking for, there seems to be very little info on this error.
  13. At 8 o'clock this morning my Vega was running perfectly on 1.06 r6+pp except I could not get my 3G dongle to work. I was then informed I needed kernel 1.08 to get 3G to work so I set about the fairly easy job of updating. Loaded 1.08 without any problems, next tried to load mcr r8 all went well until right at the very end - error.. 'no space on device'. Tried 3 times to get it to work without success. I then went through a process of trying various combinations of 1.06, 1.08, 1.09 with mcr r6, r7, r8 all gave the same error - no space on device'. Reverted back to 1.06 mcr r6+pp no problems, very strange. Having searched the forum for the error there seems very little information on how to overcome the problem. Obviously I'm doing something wrong, but what? Is it down to the fact that because I have tried so many roms etc that there are remnants of files hiding taking up space, although I did think a clean install of a rom would delete any old files almost like a 'format'. Any help would be more than appreciated Nelson

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