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  1. I prefer to run anything that installs USB / modem drivers (and is hard to get rid of once installed (lesson learned the hard way from major trouble caused by Nokia modem drivers a while ago)) in a virtual machine, so I'm running Kies in a VM and it does that OK, with one exception - backing up phone data crashes.
  2. While this may be "the latest" official ROM it isn't the latest available, the latest ROMs out there are based on leaked KG2, and this comes with nice things like improved battery life, better 3g connection etc. Just check one of the available custom ROMs like Cognition, Darky's, Lite'ning etc.
  3. Damn, the labs thing, I knew there was more to it, stupid me ... It's just too hot, fries the brain :blink: Thanks !
  4. Does anyone know why Google Maps on the Blade doesn't have the offline capabilities recently added ? I can cache segments on my SGS2, but the option to do so isn't present on my Blade (both are at Maps 5.7.0)
  5. It's the build, reads GINGERBREAD.XWxxx and the xxx at the end is what you are looking for.
  6. No, airplane mode OFF, alarm set, still didn't lose more than 1 or 2% per night, just as it does during the day when just siting there idle.
  7. Not true, I do make phonecalls (albeit not that many over the weekend, admittedly), a bit of market activity from time to time, but not playing any games. Interestingly enough "Gallery" appeared as one of the top battery drainers recently, with 21% right now, absolutely no idea why ...
  8. I am using libaudio.so from Gen1 for now, as suggested by wbaw, both the hiss and the clicking noise are gone.
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