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  1. sumdumguy

    Huawei Ascend G300 now available to buy @ £100!

    "How does it compare to an Acer Liquid Metal?" bigger memory, slower gpu afaik
  2. Try volume_up+power+focus note 'focus' means half press of the camera button, not all the way down. It's a tricky combo, keep trying ;)
  3. sumdumguy

    'Smoked by Windows Phone' smoked by Android

    same same.. big LOL at the edit
  4. actually I got cold feet and i'm worried that i might break someones phone. so i'm not going to make any zips the drivers i used are here, which were posted by 'pinguy' but they do seem to work well, i tested a bunch of games and they all worked fine.
  5. Just for info, I can verify that the new adreno drivers from the xda forums work fine with this kernel. nenamrk 2 scores as you can see they give @10% performance increase drivers
  6. sumdumguy

    What will be your next Android phone and why?

    Just got a HTC device, it should be reasonably powerful with S3-Adreno 220 inside, but it fails hard on every performance test app. The OneX might be good on paper, but it could be held back by bad HTC software... I would want to see some proper and trusted reviews with performance tests before parting with any money
  7. sumdumguy

    What will be your next Android phone and why?

    Tip: click inside this box to load the editor
  8. sumdumguy

    Whats Your Bench Mark Score?

    http://nena.se/nenamark/view?version=2&device_id=656 <-29fps B) also got 2505 quadrant ver 1.16 or something done at max everything my LM is faster than my new Evo 3d when it comes to nenamark 2 and my old version of quadrant, only 26fps and 22xx on the Evo-3d. i'm sending the evo-3d back unless i can find a decent rom. :angry: :)
  9. Nice work, your rom is basically how I'm set up anyways. Fast and basically everything works :)
  10. sumdumguy

    Motorola Luxe available for £189.99 pay as you go

    Adreno 200 based chipset, pretty old according to gsm areana
  11. sumdumguy

    HTC EVO 3D Owners

    Got mine today, and bit dissapointed to be honest. 360 launcher (my fav launcher) is noticably not as butter smooth as my Liquid metal phone :/ also nenamark 2 scores a pathetic 26fps??? my liquid metal scores 29fps, admittedly it has a performance kernel on it. i know liquid metal has a 800x480 screen as opposed to the evo's 960xsomething but still. :o :o :o this thing is supposed to have an adreno220 chipset the LM has only Adreno205
  12. sumdumguy

    Can't access Market

    I had this on a different phone, it's crazy. If you look carefully you can see an 'accept' button on the botom left of the screen if you look close when starting 'market' before the policy crap comes up. start market and have thumb/finger in position to spam the accept button before the policy comes up, you have to be quick. now when you start market it will be fine. it's got to be google's error
  13. sumdumguy

    Improve 3d performance

    will these work on most roms ?
  14. sumdumguy

    HTC EVO 3D Owners

    Yes, getting the asda deal too. Been reading non-stop on the xda forums. Have a basic grasp on installing customs roms and that, but i'm a bit worried about it's performance from what i read. What kind of nenamark2/quadrant scores are you guys getting ?
  15. I recall that the gpu was hard set at 384 (or close tto that) in 1.2.. 1.3a quickly followed to give people control over the gpu clock, since many were getting artifacts or even crashes/lockups with 1.2. Still it's nice to hear the cpu is faster in 1.3, didn't test it myself but thought TL may have done something with 1.3 because the phone seems extra smooth.

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