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  1. Hi thanks but that's what I was after a stock tpt rom someone help me out please
  2. could someone please upload the tmobile vivacity tpt image to revert to stock please as im having trouble all the links seem to be dead , thanks
  3. think im gonna wait and get it fixed under warranty after 28 days they send them for repair or replacment
  4. im having the sae issue with my handset is there not a fix ? also how do i go about getting it replaced as tesco have no more available
  5. Im having an issue with it when I power my phone down if it has the charger plugged in it will automatically boot into cwm also I have tried to flash my stock rom back and the backup I made before flashing this rom and just cant get rid of the green droid on startup as I would like to go back to stock , thanks
  6. love this rom but I cant get the screen to wake up when im in a call something to do with the sensor i think ..
  7. quick update the roms working fine on my phone now I had an issue but that was due to hungarian files , so far im loving it battery life is good had 3g on since last night and just noww the battery has gone down half way ,, doesnt work well with my gba emulator like jj9 did but guess thats due to no hw acceleration , is there any way to turn it on ?
  8. any progress on this saves us buying a usb jailbreak
  9. been reading up on this stagefright thing but cant really find how to activate it i on jap jelly 9 could someone advise me please
  10. not sure whats causing this and if ext2 is the problem but my ext2 isnt empty even the market app has stopped working ?? never had this issue with my htc hero or desire oh well everythings cheap for a reason ..
  11. hey guys need some help here im on jap jelly 8 with hw ui and overclock have a few apps installed using a 4gb sd card which is partitioned ext2 is 512mb all seems well but for some reason when I switch my phone off for the night say in the morning everyhting seems to have gone and after preparing sd card it says sd card blank but it clearly isnt and I lose most of my apps even market I have made a backup so i just restore it and its fine till next time this is driving me nutts as its happend a few times now just when I think its sorted it happens again need some advice here please as im just confused ,, thanks
  12. love the look of that blue gingerbread theme anyway you could upload one that looks identeical ;) ,, please
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