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  1. CyanogenMod v7.0.0 RC1 Back sliders for incoming calls. Running your applications on the side of the search button (long and kortkoe press). Small changes in the GPS, to be the best. In a browser tab up to 32 instead of 8. Fix departure when using templates SMS. Ukrainian keyboard layout in the keyboard. Control playback via the headset button. Customizable gestures control music playback. Improved the localization of places. According to a survey of the native will be a standard 2.3 launcher. Changes to the lock screen. Fix the speakerphone. Supposedly fix the problems with memory cards Fix bug in DSPManager Performance should be higher than 1.3
  2. Hy guys new update is aviabile go to http://translate.google.it/translate?js=n&...7933%26st%3D440
  3. mp4 video to play not work :P im done to 1.2 public
  4. its wery fast 2.3 rom im tested WORK!!!! great joob
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