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  1. Hi guys. What its the b1 or b2? What version i need to install?
  2. hi. I install the December 23rd nightly without install anithing and already have the anoyning advise of lak of space!!!!. What a hell. Does any one has that too? Another thing i install the rom with the TWRP and my phone it's very very slow. even to reboot.
  3. Hi, Can some one give me the mirror of ClockworkMod Recovery? And the Dazz 4.4.2 rom?
  4. Can some one add some mirror of this rom? And the CWM I really apreciat
  5. Well i use opera mini and it's the best... It even can pass to some proxy controlers...
  6. Hi. it's based on 4.0.4 So, doesn't have the anoing bugs of the huawei 4.0.3, like; - Lose the ringtone when his plug to USB. - No lag at call id. - No reboots - More but more faster than any of the 4.0.3 But it has is bugs... - Some times it lags on lockscreen. - Some games aren't fully compatibly - The screen lock has a crap in chinese, and i still can't removed... - The battery icon we can't change.
  7. Hi have test this, but not working solution. I lost my apn config. And no network and no data service... Vodafone Portugal.
  8. Hi. With this lasted version i'm experience severall reboots and weird isues... I think this version V33 isn't so good has version 32. Tks.
  9. Hi. Well i have install the version without any swap and doesn't any service data. It's a shame, because i really think this rom it's the best one until now. Joe can u fix this isue? If u need a beta tester PM... TKS.
  10. ok. If i have some time i'll try figure out a solution. TKS anyway. Another matter, if u can do it, it's possible to make and add on to change the battery to circle with %?
  11. HI pocha. Can u tell me how u fix the no data service on baidu rom? I want to try on the JB baidu.
  12. Hi. I have install the System recovery and install another rom. But i can't see my internal SD. What can be wrong?
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