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  1. Thanks, but no luck. I tried clean cache and Dalvik cache. As I was trying to kill processes I think I found out the problem. Each time I kill Google Services the problem disappears
  2. Thanks. It shows 5s in Dialer, Android System and 3G Watchdog; 2s in Handcent SMS and 0s in Google Services.
  3. Thanks for the fast answer. It shows 5 options: Dialer; Android System; 3G Watchdog; Handcent SMS, Google Services. In the upgrade to Kang I didn't do a full wipe. In the previous rom (n251) worked always fine, it suddenly started happening. I remember doing an upgrade to 3G Watchdog and Handcent SMS. I have background data disabled.
  4. I'm having a weird problem, phone's not properly sleeping. If I press home or back key it always wakes. I even tried 7.2.0 Kang, but it occurs the same. What can possible be happening? Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm using CM7 7.1 final, but after doing an upgrade on Clockwork Recovery Manager, I'm unable to install a rom, I choose reboot into recovery, but it stays always in the green Android, I have to take out the battery. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance edit. Answering my own question :P In Clockwork Recovery Manager I installed a previous version, then installed, and it's working again. Maybe something went wrong in the previous update.
  6. Don't know if this is the best thread, but I'm trying to download the code from GIT This is the output (only the last lines) What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance
  7. I don't use "Email", but I'll try to test it and say something. In K9 Mail I don't see this happening, but I'll test it further.
  8. Thanks for all the answers. Yes I was the one who asked if it was possible to merge the files, I merged all :( I was reporting the Dialer issue only so that you could know, because I even don't use it, but now it's explained the FC thing.
  9. My 2 cents about this rom. So far, great. I won't compare it to other roms. But of course, imho, each rom could learn something from others, after all the roms goal's all the same :D Wi-fi and GPS working really fine; battery life's one the best I tried. It's rare to use GPS, mostly for trying it when installing a new rom, it works fine with Navigation. Wi-fi, especially at night, when in bed :( for reading/answering e-mails, using google reader, market update, facebook, twitter. Calls and sms, nothing special to say, it just works. I use handcent and built-in dialer "Phone" with facebook contact sync. Also use swype, as I said before, I had a small glitch when installing it for the first time, it gave me an error and did an automatic restarts, in a second try, everything worked fine. 30h since my last full charge @21% It's a great successor of JJ rom series :( Thanks for the rom and keep up the good work KK edit: "Dialer" gives me always a FC, although I only use "Phone"
  10. Sorry, my mistake, as I said, I saw that menu, but since I had the phone in vibration mode, those options were shadowed. Once again thanks for the answer and sorry for my misunderstanding. Thanks for the tip and the themes :D
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