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  1. @walwon: thanks for the hint, will try next time. @rest: mostly offtopic, sadly.
  2. sorry but this can't be true since the 3rd post only consists of screenshots. The only hint I find is in the first post where he writes "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" but since this usually is only necessary when coming from a different rom or having a major change, I wanted to make sure .... and maybe zeelog might consider it an usability improvement.
  3. Hi, please don't considder this a rant, just a question or info.... For the last 2 new versions I had issues with doing an update kind of installation, meaning cleaning caches only. The last time it took about a night for the initial phase, this time the phone froze totally somewhen duting the night. Is there no way other than doing a backup/restore to preserve my settins?
  4. Hi, yes once it is set up, the rom woks a treat. But still, the long initial phase after flash is .... unexpected.
  5. Hi, had the same situation yesterday. First tried to just update (after wipe cache) and wasn't patient enough. On 2nd try I wiped and formated, same effect but I let it go on overnight (on charger). Today when I woke up it was ready and presenting init. startscreen .... I didn't check if int2ext worked, but that might be some explanation ...
  6. Hi, my blade is still Gen1 with CWM Flash of image doesn't work with this CWM version as mentioned several times in this thread. or I can find don't work (gen2 only) Would image generally work on gen1? can I flash the image via fastboot if I can't find working CWM? what is best way to install image?
  7. Hi, thank you all for replying. So I will look into iGo8 that I allready know from my PocketPC... rgds
  8. Hi, any news on this topic? Looking for a decent navigation sw....
  9. In general a lot of (older?) mobiles support "fade in" for ringtones (like alarm clocks). IMHO combined with vibrate that would be the most interesting improvement for "ringing" not like changing the ringtone to increase in volume, but like: first ring volume:0 next ring volume: step1 next ring volume: step2 until the preset ring volume is reached, then every ring with same volume maybe would need double steps to reach max. volume before connection is forceclosed by carrier or voicemail kicks in
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