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  1. Graham1

    Can I Mount Hudl Under Linux Mint LTS?

    Hi Chris I had a similar problem below (Ubuntu, not Mint). http://www.modaco.com/topic/366123-accessing-hudl-via-usb/?hl=%2Bubuntu#entry2169503 Didn't work with 12.04.3 LTS but was fine with 13.10. As Mint is based on Ubuntu, probably same issue. As you've already found out, best to go with a newer version. :)
  2. Graham1

    Official response from Tesco: v1.3 firmware update

    Update 1.3 doesn't fix the touch screen issues (well, not on my hudl :( ). It's either the bottom left (when used horizontally) or bottom third (vertically) that plays up. As mentioned, turning the screen on/off always corrects the problem. :)
  3. Graham1

    Is it just me, or is the Hudl Camera(s) really poor??

    As SifJar suggested, this does seem to be down to poor lighting conditions. Having tested at work (5.00pm), images were clear when using third party apps. :)
  4. Graham1

    Accessing Hudl via Usb

    You must have been using Ubuntu from the start then (initial release 2004). I think I got into Ubuntu around late 2005-6 (coming from openSUSE). I tend to stick with LTS releases on main computer (family one) with newer releases being on my own computer. TBH, I have always like Unity. :)
  5. Graham1

    Accessing Hudl via Usb

    Apologies, I was connecting my Hudl using 12.04 (not 13.10). Connected to 13.10 (other computer) and could access just fine. :)
  6. Graham1

    Accessing Hudl via Usb

    Yes, it is setup as MTP. Still got the same message (3 hours later). Will give up on this computer as it's my works one. Will try getting it work on Ubuntu when I get home later. Thanks. :)
  7. Graham1

    Accessing Hudl via Usb

    Hi cutlp Thanks for you reply. I guess I'll have to leave it for while and wait. When you connect via usb now, does it connect instantly? (once the driver is installed). :)
  8. Graham1

    Accessing Hudl via Usb

    Hi All I'm trying to access my Hudl via USB using Ubuntu 13.10. The device isn't even being recognized :(. Do I need to install anything on Ubuntu as usually my devices are picked up automatically. Have also tried with XP SP3 but I'm stuck with the message "Found New Hardware, MTP Device". Anyone have any ideas? :)
  9. I have to agree. The CM10 power midget is lacking in configuration compaired to it's CM7 brother. :)
  10. Same as above but I'm using an OLED screen. :)
  11. Hi All I installed Konsta's build of CM10 last night and have a couple of questions. 1. Which app would you recommend to replace YouTube? (regarding HQ). Am I right in saying that SQ is ok? 2. Is there a problem with displaying videos in TED (it just seems to buffer all the time). :)
  12. Hi Matt4321 Thanks for this :). Prior to using your image, I did find another image (210,204,37) which I had applied which greeted me with a "running low of disk space" alert (after restore). I have now used your image which had given me more space on the data partition and everything seems to be up and running ok now. :)
  13. Hi Akash Thanks for the link :). I've downloaded and installed TPT Helper but having problems running this program (is this because I'm running ICS). I would stick with ICS but the lack of Youtube support (slow, out of sync videos) is a real killer for me :(. Any advice for either of these problems? I would still like to partition, to say 200MB system, 200MB data, 2MB cache so it is easier for me to switch between CM7 and ICS roms. :)
  14. Is there a TPT or something else to expand or change my partition sizes. I looked in the CM7 thread but the wiki link doesn't exist anymore. I've got a backup of 7.2.0 so I guess I just need to restore rather than installing again. :)
  15. Will CM 7.2.0 restore back into this layout or do I need to increase my system partition? System: 138MB Data: 316MB Cache: 2MB :)

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