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  1. Updated to version 2.1 and i'm having issues with app installations and removals. They seem to take ages (5 mins+) Any suggestions?
  2. If you're looking for a new default launcher I highly recommend Holo Launcher https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobint.hololauncher
  3. Are you using Apple headphone or headphones with an in-line remote? I had the same problem until I changed to a regular pair of headphones (on every ROM I used)
  4. I noticed a bug in a couple of menus where the text was the same colour as the menu. Other than that though this is a superb rom. Well done and many thanks.
  5. Just installed this ROM and have to say its superb coming from AtomicMod 3e (very old lol). I know its nitpicky but is there any chance you could make the battery solid and not numbers inside on the notification bar?
  6. I'm finally getting around to installing this but I have a quick question. I use Launcher Pro as my launcher and therefore don't need Go Launcher that is in this ROM. Can I just download the APK for LP and replace the GL one before I install. (I use Atomic Mod at the minute and GL uses lots of unnecessary space) If I can, what is the file path to replace?
  7. How close to v1.4 are you? Want to switch to this ROM but will wait if it's close. Don't wanna wipe/re-build apps etc to be doing it again in a month or so. Great job on the ROM BTW, looks superb.
  8. This is 73p on the Play Store. Anyone can confirm its been updated to work on the Skate yet?
  9. Silly question as i've changed my TPT when I first got my phone and can't remember which one. Any way of checking?
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